The Hengwrt Chaucer Standard Edition on CD-ROM [individual licence]

The Hengwrt Chaucer Standard Edition on CD-ROM [individual licence]

Images and Text of National Library of Wales Peniarth 392D, containing Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

Edited by Ceridwen Lloyd-Morgan

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Individual licence
Institutional licence
This CD-Rom contains full-colour digital images and full text transcripts of every page of this crucial early manuscript of the Canterbury Tales. A sophisticated search engine permits retrieval of every word or phrase in Chaucer's text, with display of each hit in context and links to its place in the full text. The editor's introduction (in both English and Welsh) places the manuscript within the Tales tradition; and for the purposes of comparison images and text of the Merthyr fragment are also presented.

Images: Full-colour high-resolution digital images of all pages of the Tales; Image panner allowing easy navigation around image; page images viewable alongside text for each page.

Transcripts: Full transcription of all tales and links; All tales, links, lines of verse and prose labelled according to all three major tales numbering systems.

Searching and navigation: Direct to any tale and link from drop-down menu; Full text searchable by word and phrase; Search results viewable by tale or link; Hits viewable in 'key word in context' display, linked to full text.

CERIDWEN LLOYD-MORGAN is at the National Library of Wales.

Also available: Hengwrt Chaucer Research Edition CD. This edition offers higher resolution images, fuller analytic materials and a complete collation with the Ellesmere manuscript.

System requirements: CD-ROM drive (6x or faster); 800 x 600 screen size with 16 bit or better; 32 Mb free system. WINDOWS: Windows 98 or later; MACINTOSH: Mac OS X (10.1 or later). The provided Anastasia software does not run in Classic mode. Recent internet browser required; all other software provided.

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