The Bayeux Tapestry on CD-Rom

The Bayeux Tapestry on CD-Rom

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Martin K. Foys

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Full magnifiable images of the tapestry, translations of inscriptions and full commentary. Also includes reproductions of facsimiles, plus full texts of sixteen primary sources.
`The Bayeux Tapestry presents its story of the Norman Conquest of England in words of such simplicity and images of such power that it has long determined the view we take of the momentous events of 1064-6. This digital edition creates new and exciting ways of viewing the Tapestry, with additional features in the form of a brilliantly-conceived array of supporting material. It transforms the way in which students and teachers alike will be able to approach, to use and to enjoy one of the most remarkable of all our sources for the middle ages.' Simon Keynes, Elrington and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon, University of Cambridge.

This CD-Rom presents full images of the tapestry itself, magnifiable so that individual stitches can be seen, with images of three facsimiles, and of many related artifacts. They are accompanied by authoritative translations of seventeen historical sources concerning the events of 1066, maps, genealogies, bibliography, and full commentary, in an attractive interface.

MARTIN K. FOYS is at Hood College, Maryland.

Individual licence: you may make one copy of this publication on your hard disc. Choice Outstanding Academic Title 2003.


Magnifiable so that individual stitches can be seen... The Battle of Hastings will never look the same again. NORMAN HAMMOND, THE TIMES Brilliant in design, scholarly in content, and worthy of inclusion in any university or college library... Essential. Disciplinary relevance extends to art, archaeology, cultural anthropology, history, military science, and textile studies. CHOICE Prepare for a delightful experience with this beautifully conceived and implemented digital version of The Bayeux Tapestry... Enthusiastically recommended for research libraries and circulating collections serving historical researchers; a bargain-priced jewel. LIBRARY JOURNAL

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