Jacobitism and Anti-Jacobitism in the British Atlantic World, 1688-1727

Jacobitism and Anti-Jacobitism in the British Atlantic World, 1688-1727

David Parrish

An investigation of the concept of Jacobitism and its effects in the long eighteenth century.
The first half of Britain's long eighteenth century was a period fraught with conflicts ranging from civil wars (1688-1691) to a series of Jacobite plots, intrigues, and rebellions. It was also a formative period marked by substantial changes including the growth and centralisation of an empire and the maturation of party politics and the public sphere. Covering almost forty years of this colourful history over an expansive geographical range, the author investigates both the existence and meaning of Jacobitism and anti-Jacobitism throughout Britain's Atlantic empire, concluding that the experiences of colonists and British officials in the colonies echoed events and experiences in Britain. Using case studies in Carolina, the mid-Atlantic states and New England, and drawing on a diverse source base, the book integrates the colonies into the narratives and captures the essence of the transatlantic, tripartite relationship between politics, religion, and the public sphere, ultimately contributing to our understandings of the Anglicization of the British Atlantic world.

David Parrish is Assistant Professor of Humanities at College of the Ozarks.

Table of Contents

Introduction - David Parrish
Jacobitism, party politics, and the British Atlantic world - David Parrish
Jacobitism and religious belief in the British Atlantic world - David Parrish
Jacobitism and anti-Jacobitism in the Atlantic public sphere - David Parrish
Occasional conformity in miniature: the rage of party, Jacobitism, and anti-Jacobitism in South Carolina, c. 1702-1716 - David Parrish
'An echo to that on the other side': Jacobitism and anti-Jacobitism in the mid-Atlantic colonies, c. 1710-1717 - David Parrish
'Now the mask is taken off': Jacobitism and anti-Jacobitism in colonial New England, 1702-1727 - David Parrish
Conclusion - David Parrish
Bibliography - David Parrish

Author Bio

B.A. College of the Ozarks PhD University of Glasgow CURRENT: Assistant Professor of Humanities, College of the Ozarks

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