A Biographical Register of St. John's College, Oxford, 1555-1660

November 2011
644 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
Oxford Historical Society New Series
ISBN: 9780904107241
Format: Hardback
Oxford Historical Society
BISAC HIS037040, HIS015000, BIO006000

A Biographical Register of St. John's College, Oxford, 1555-1660

Edited by Andrew Hegarty

Full biographical accounts of the members of St John's College Oxford give much new evidence for academic life of the period.
This volume comprises a register of all who were academically of St John's College, Oxford, from its foundation in 1555 until 1660, as well as of a number of men otherwise associated with it. It includes many figures of national importance, among them William Laud, William Juxon, Edmund Campion, and Bulstrode Whitelocke, scholarly translators of the Bible, five future earls, and many Members of Parliament.
The biographies, based on a very wide range of sources, amplify and correct existing work and identify many previously unknown St John's men. The introduction draws on this new research to provide a richer and more nuanced portrayal of an early-modern Oxford college than any so far attempted - and, since the College was both a Catholic Marian foundation and the institution in which Laud spend much of his life, makes a significant contribution to an understanding of the ramifications of early modern English religious loyalties. The College's involvement in early academic drama in Oxford also receives special attention, as do its many Shakespearean connections (both family and Warwickshire affinity). An extensive Glossary provides essential supplementary guidance to the workings of the early-modern academic world.

Andrew Hegarty gained his D.Phil. from the University of Oxford; his research is on the history of European universities in the early modern period.

Table of Contents

Manuscript Sources
Glossary and Additional Explanations
Using the Register
Register of St. John's College, 1555-1660
I Foundationers
II Non-Foundationers
III Miscellaneous Persons


A distinguished volume in an old and distinguished series. SIXTEENTH CENTURY JOURNAL

Dr Hegarty's work will long be quarried as a rich source of data not just for the history of the university, but for social, ecclesiastical and literary history [...] The editor and publishers are to be congratulated on their success in condensing such a mass of information between two covers. The resulting volume is a tour de force of prosopography. RECUSANT HISTORY

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