London Inhabitants Outside the Walls, 1695

January 2010
374 pages
25.1x15.8 cm
London Record Society
ISBN: 9780900952456
Format: Hardback
London Record Society

London Inhabitants Outside the Walls, 1695

Patrick Wallis

The imposition in 1695 of a new tax on births, marriages and deaths, in support of England's contribution to the Nine Years' War, led to the creation of a full register of the population of London [as of other counties]. The surviving records offer an unequalled level of information on social, family and household structures. In particular, they enumerate entire households by name and status, including children, servants and lodgers.

This volume provides an index ro the surviving manuscript assessments for London's thirteen extramural parishes, and complements David Glass's index of inhabitants within the walls, published by the London Record Society in 1966.


A careful and precise work. LOCAL POPULATION STUDIES

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