English Saints in the Medieval Liturgies of Scandinavian Churches

May 2009
2 black and white illustrations
250 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
Henry Bradshaw Society
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ISBN: 9781870252461
Format: Hardback
Henry Bradshaw Society

English Saints in the Medieval Liturgies of Scandinavian Churches

Edited by John Toy

Evidence of the spread of the cults of English saints in medieval Scandinavia is revealed by detailed detective work in fragmentary manuscripts.
The process of Christianising the Scandinavian countries in the tenth to the thirteenth centuries was spearheaded in the earliest phases by missionaries from Anglo-Saxon England. It is likely that such missionaries took with them the books that would have been essential for church services - Bibles, Gospel-books, Psalters, Breviaries - along with saints' relics, thus introducing the cults of the saints venerated at the time in England. A remarkable quantity of mainly fragmentary manuscripts have survived from this activity and from Scandinavia manuscripts produced in imitation of the imports. Almost all of them were gathered together at the Reformation as redundant and used mainly to provide covers and bindings for provincial accounts from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; they are preserved largely in the National Archives in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm. Materials for some seventy-four English saints are recorded in this volume, giving an idea of the extent of their presence in the liturgies of medieval Scandinavia. They include all occurrences of the saints in surviving liturgical calendars, martyrologies, missals, breviaries, etc; where the texts are not otherwise attested, they are reproduced in full. It will be an essential point of reference for all scholars working on the English saints and on the spread of Christianity in the middle ages.

Table of Contents

Register of Manuscripts
English Saints in the Medieval Liturgies of Scandinavian Churches
Index of Saints
Index of Liturgical Forms
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Liturgical specialists will be well served. Inimitable in its completeness [this volume] is a valuable contribution to English and Scandinavian hagiography and liturgical studies. JOURNAL OF ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY
An unusual and surprisingly valuable addition to the publications of the Henry Bradshaw Society. [...] Toy has gathered and condensed such a wealth of information that this small book presents virtually all the recoverable evidence for Scandinavian liturgical commemoration of no fewer than 75 English or Insular saints. THE MEDIEVAL REVIEW

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