The History of Parliament: The House of Commons, 1509-1558 [3 vols]

The History of Parliament: The House of Commons, 1509-1558 [3 vols]

Edited by S. T. Bindoff

Over 2.260 biographical articles and 218 constituency articles are included in this three volume set of the History of Parliament in the first half of the sixteenth century. Among the biographies are those of Sir Thomas More and Thomas Cromwell; and despite the difficulty of obtaining information about these early parliaments - the official returns for many of the early parliaments or Henry VIII are lost and such names as can be found have often had to be reconstructed from civil, municipal and parish records - many of the lesser figures are also included. They were published without the normal introductory survey following the death of the editor of the volumes, S. T. Bindoff.


The achievement is notable indeed . These are good, solid, helpful works of learning; the production is excellent and the books almost too elegant for their purpose. THE SPECTATOR [Sir Geoffrey Elton]

Here is real treasure: a new and infinitely more comprehensive Dictionary of National Biography . not only comprehensive, it is splendidly detailed as well. All (upper class) Tudor life is here: the criss-cross channels of descent that operated like a complex lottery suddenly to shower wealth on obscure third cousins: the tendency of bright young men to marry rich old widows and so have no children (at least not born in wedlock); the ruthless pursuit of advancing in local politics that often made the early Tudor courtier JP the too-obvious heir of the fifteenth century bastard feudal retainer - only more dangerous because his lord was the King; and (refreshingly) the fondness of building and literature that we see as relaxations from politics but they understood as their continuation. HISTORY TODAY [David Starkey]

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