Cædmon's Hymn: A Multi-media Study, Edition and Archive

November 2005
8 line illustrations
286 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
ISBN: 9781843840442
Format: Hardback

Cædmon's Hymn: A Multi-media Study, Edition and Archive

Daniel Paul O'Donnell

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Full critical edition of the oldest surviving English poem, presented in both print and CD-Rom formats.
Caedmon's Hymn is a central poem in many crucial debates in Anglo-Saxon studies. It is the earliest attested Old English verse text, our best-documented example of ostensibly oral composition, and the only surviving poem for which a contemporary record exists of its reception. The most textually complex poem in the corpus, the Hymn long has served as an important test case for textual scholars. This book is an essential resource for students of Caedmon's Hymn. It provides the first comprehensive literary and historical re-examination of the poem in over thirty years and the first complete textual study and edition in nearly seventy. The book radically revises our understanding of the Hymn's transmission and challenges assumptions about its place in Anglo-Saxon poetic history. It offers new critical texts and a textual archive with transcriptions and facsimiles of all medieval witnesses. The edition is also a milestone in the integration of digital and print scholarship. A print volume, designed for ready reference, contains the complete introductory study and essential versions of the critical and diplomatic texts; the accompanying CD-ROM, intended for closer research, supplements the text of the print volume with colour digital facsimiles and interactive tools only possible in the electronic medium.

Dr Daniel Paul O'Donnell (University of Lethbridge) has written widely on the transmission and reception of medieval vernacular literature and humanities computing. He is the founding director of the Digital Medievalist Project .


[T]he most comprehensive study to date. [It] crosses several scholarly boundaries and is relevant to those interested in Anglo-Saxon language and literature, textual transmission, manuscripts, and principles of editing but also digital humanities, hybrid publication, and digital editions. [...] The work is a model of hybrid print-digital publication. DIGITAL MEDIEVALIST
Indispensable reading for anyone interested in Caedmon's career as a poet and his place in literary history. [...] This is a work of painstaking scholarship.making the book an essential foundation for the future study of Caedmon and his work. JOURNAL OF ENGLISH & GERMANIC PHILOLOGY
Provides scholars with unprecedented access to the literary and textual history of Caedmon's modest little poem. EARLY MEDIEVAL EUROPE
A weighty piece of scholarship - meticulously edited, clearly argued, well written, and technologically savvy - whose conclusions will no doubt invigorate and help further discussion of Caedmon and his famous hymn. SPECULUM
Scholarly, definitive and highly innovative. JOURNAL OF ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY
A comprehensive multimedia edition. MEDIUM AEVUM
Seldom will a nine-line poem receive such a careful treatment! E-DATA AND RESEARCH

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