Arthurian Literature I - X and XI (index)

July 1992
1758 pages
ISBN: 9780859913713
Format: Hardback

Arthurian Literature I - X and XI (index)

Edited by Richard Barber

`[The series] epitomises what is best in Arthruain scholarship today.' ZEITSCHRIFT FÜ ROMANISCHE PHILOLOGIE Since the first volume in 1982, edited by Richard Barber, Arthurian Literaturehas appeared annually. Its original purposewas to offer a forum for long scholarly articles on all aspects - literary, historic, and artistic - of the Arthurian legend in Europe in the medieval and early modern periods, and bibliographical studies of all periods. Under new editors, whose first volume is Arthurian Literature 12 (1993), that original intention has been expanded to include shorter items of under 5000 words, along with the regular Updates to earlier volumes. All articles are refereed, and Arturian Literaturehas become the year-book of serious Arthurian scholarship.

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