Anglo-Saxon Chronicle  3 MS A

October 1986
1 black and white illustrations
304 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
ISBN: 9780859911030
Format: Hardback

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle 3 MS A

Edited by Janet M. Bately

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle is the backbone of Anglo-Saxon history, an almost contemporary record of events for about five hundred years, and a vital resource for Anglo-Saxon historians. This collaborative edition will eventually include the seven base manuscripts with their contemporary continuations, and ancillary material which sheds light on the Chronicle. The nature of the Chronicle, its relation to official historiography, and its historical place, have long been debated: thisproject will provide a uniform edition from which further research can proceed. MS A (CCCC MS 173) is the oldest of the surviving copies of the Chronicle and physically the most complex; it took shape initially during the tenth century and is generally endowed with considerable authority because of its age.


`Her mastery of detail and the balance of her judgement are such that one can be sure that this is work that will not need to be done again.' NOTES AND QUERIES

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