Anglo-Saxon Chronicle 10

March 1996
1 black and white, 2 line illustrations
138 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
ISBN: 9780859914666
Format: Hardback

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle 10

The Abingdon Chronicle AD 956-1066 (MS C with ref. to BDE)

Edited by Patrick W. Conner

Two further editions bring the number of published volumes of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicleseries to Edition with scholarly introduction, evaluating the relationship of the Abingdon Chronicle to other Chronicle manuscripts.
This edition of BL MS Cotton Tiberius B i presents for the first time the textual source of several of the most important extant manuscripts in the Chronicle tradition (including MSS B, C, D and E), and shows the contribution ofAbingdon Abbey to its development. In his full and detailed introduction, Professor Conner explains his choice of manuscript; he also offers a theory, arguing against current thinking, for the relationship between MSS B and C; and suggests that the phenomenon of poetry in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle originated with Abingdon.
Professor PATRICK W. CONNERteaches in the Department of English, West Virginia University.


A detailed and closely focused exercise in palaeography and text history. REVIEW OF ENGLISH STUDIES

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