Anglo-Norman Medicine I

September 1994
336 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
ISBN: 9780859914017
Format: Hardback

Anglo-Norman Medicine I

Roger Frugard's Chirurgia and the Practica Brevis of Platearius

Edited by Tony Hunt

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First published edition of two Anglo-Norman medical treatises translated from Latin, revealing the state of medical knowledge in the 13c.
These editions of Anglo-Norman medical treatises, published here for the first time, are translations of influential Latin sources, some of which have themselves never been edited. They reveal the state of medical knowledge in the thirteenth century, the diffusion of such knowledge in England, and the emergence of vernacular medicine as a major historical phenomenon. They also demonstrate the existence of a wide-ranging medical terminology in the vernacular, centuries before the data recorded in the standard dictionaries. Detailed notes show how the translations compare with the Latin originals. Comprehensive glossaries provide a full picture of the medical lexis in Anglo-Norman and facilitate access to these highly significant treatises, some of them from the celebrated medical school of Salerno. Thus the material is of considerable import and represents a rare contribution to the publication of medieval medical texts which are still little known. The second volume will contain a detailed introduction as well as a series of smaller treatises.
TONY HUNT is a Fellow of St Peter's College, Oxford, and author of several other books from Boydell and Brewer.


An important contribution to the history of medicine within Britain's complex linguistic culture. NOTES AND QUERIES A valuable point of entry to the Chirurgia for the language specialist and for the historian of medieval surgery alike. SPECULUM

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