Little Malvern Letters

November 2011
1 black and white, 2 line illustrations
296 pages
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Catholic Record Society: Records Series
ISBN: 9780902832268
Format: Hardback
Catholic Record Society
BISAC HIS037010, HIS037020

Little Malvern Letters

I: 1482-1737

Edited by Aileen M. Hodgson, Michael Hodgetts

Selection of correspondence from the house which was once Little Malvern priory, illuminating life at the time.
In 1538 John Russell, secretary to the Council of the Welsh Marches, acquired the dissolved priory of Little Malvern, where his descendants, the Beringtons, still live. This selection from the family letters in the Worcestershire Record Office vividly illustrates the impact on Worcestershire of the Reformation and the Civil War. Among much else, it includes correspondence with Thomas Cromwell and Lord Chancellor Audley (who was John Russell's brother-in-law); Elizabethan medical prescriptions and business letters; correspondence about evading the penal laws against Catholics; a mock-heroic Latin skit on James I; a personal letter from one of the Jesuits executed at the time of the Oates Plot, and an official certificate that Little Malvern had been (unsuccessfully) searched for priests. The letters themselves are accompanied by an introduction and explanatory notes.

Michael Hodgetts has written extensively on Recusant History and is an acknowledged expert on English Catholic families and their houses.

Table of Contents

Appendix I: The Prior's Hall
Appendix II: Historical Manuscripts Commission: Appendix to Second Report [1871]
Appendix III: The Berington Collection: Items Exhibited at Worcestershire Record Office, 1958
Appendix IV: The Law-Suits of 1607-8


Recommended particularly for those with local Catholic ancestry 'TREE TAPPERS' MFHS SOCIETY JOURNAL

The Catholic Record Society is to be complimented on a splendidly produced volume, and the editors.on a scholarly work which will be of great interest to students both of Recusant history and of the county in the 16th and 17th centuries. WORCESTERSHIRE RECORDER

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