"A Verray Parfit Praktisour"

March 2017
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"A Verray Parfit Praktisour"

Essays presented to Carole Rawcliffe

Edited by Linda Clark, Elizabeth Danbury

Essays reflecting the interests and scholarship of one of our most important and influential historians.
For almost four decades Carole Rawcliffe has been a towering figure among historians of the later Middle Ages. Although now best known for her pioneering contributions to medical history, including major studies of hospitals, leprosy and public health, her published works range far more broadly to encompass among other subjects the English nobility, Members of Parliament, the regional history of East Anglia and myriad aspects of political and social interaction. The essays collected in this festschrift, written by a selection of her colleagues, friends and former students, cover a wide spectrum of themes and introduce such diverse characters as an estranged queen, a bankrupt aristocrat, a female apothecary, a flute-playing Turkish doctor and a medieval "Dad's Army" conscripted to defend England's coasts.

Linda Clark is Editor of the 1422-1504 section of the History of Parliament; Elizabeth Danbury is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London, and Honorary Research Fellow at the Department of Information Studies, University College London.

Contributors: Jean Agnew, John Alban, Brian Ayers, Caroline Barron, Christopher Bonfield, Carole Hill, Peregrine Horden, Hannes Kleineke, Nicholas Vincent.

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Keywords: Medieval History

Table of Contents

Coslania, Norwich: an Archaeological Contribution to Early Medieval Urban History - Brian Ayers
A Queen in Rebel London, 1215-17 - Nicholas Vincent
Defensive Officials and Defensive Levies in Fourteenth-Century Muster Rolls: an East Anglian Perspective - John Alban
Lettice Oo? Queen Isabella's Accidental Apothecary - Hannes Kleineke
The First Instrument of Medicine: Diet and Regimens of Health in Late Medieval England - Christopher Bonfield
Politics and Piety: Norwich City Churches, Commemoration and Networking for the Afterlife - Carole Hill
Telling the Time in Chaucer's London - Caroline Barron
The Bankrupt Bibliophile, William Paston, 2nd Earl of Yarmouth (1654-1732) - Jean Agnew
Ottomans, Neo-Ottomans, and Invented Tradition in Hospital Music Therapy - Peregrine Horden
The Published Works of Carole Rawcliffe, 1976-2016
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