Facing Otherness in Early Modern Sweden

April 2018
14 colour, 74 black and white, 14 line illustrations
385 pages
24x17 cm
Society for Post Medieval Archaeology Monograph Series
Boydell Press
BISAC HIS044000, SOC003000

Facing Otherness in Early Modern Sweden

Travel, Migration and Material Transformations, 1500-1800

Edited by Magdalena Naum, Fredrik Ekengren

A new view of Sweden's relations with the world beyond its borders, from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century.
Sweden's connections to and relationships with the European and wider world is a field of study attracting considerable scholarly attention. The essays here, from archaeologists and historians, offer a new perspective on early modern Sweden as deeply affected by the increasing internationality of the 16th-18th centuries. Set in the socio-political context of an expanding and changing kingdom, they deal with the character and impact of a wide range of cultural encounters - at home, in the colonies and during overseas travel. They consider how new fashions, commodities and ideologies were perceived and appropriated, and they discuss how these encounters shaped the discourses of the familiar and the foreign - from curiosity, acceptance and appreciation, to prejudice, rejection and conflict. In taking a broad and interdisciplinary approach, and by departing from traditional themes of political history, the volume as a whole offers a different view of the kingdom, its people, and its involvement with the outside world.

MAGDALENA NAUM is an Associate Professor at the Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies, Aarhus University, Denmark; FREDRIK EKENGREN is an Associate Professor in Archaeology at the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, Lund University, Sweden.

Contributors: Per Cornell, Christina Dalhede, Lu Ann De Cunzo, Magnus Elfwendahl, Matti Enbuske, Adam Grimshaw, Jens Heimdahl, Lisa Hellman, Kimmo Katajala, Jonas M. Nordin, Risto Nurmi, Kenneth Nyberg, Carl-Gösta Ojala, Joachim Östlund, Claes B. Pettersson, Christina Rosén, Anna-Kaisa Salmi, Göran Tagesson, Annemari Tranberg,

Table of Contents

Introduction: Material Transformations - Magdalena Naum and Fredrik Ekengren
Tracing Other in 17th Century Sweden - Christina Rosén and Per Cornell
Houses of Wood, Houses of Stone: On Constructing a Modern Town in Early Modern Kalmar - Göran Tagesson
Indigeneity, Locality, Modernity: Encounters and Their Effects on Foodways in Early Modern Tornio - Anna-Kaisa Salmi and Annemari Tranberg and Risto Nurmi
Brewing an Ethnic Identity: Local and Foreign Beer Brewing Traditions in 15th- to 17th-Century Sweden, an example from Nya Lödöse - Jens Heimdahl
Tactile Relations: Material Entanglement between Sweden and Its Colonies - Jonas M. Nordin
Introduction: Migration and Neighbourly Interactions - Magdalena Naum and Fredrik Ekengren
Marrying "the Other": Crossing Religious Boundaries in the Eastern Borderlands of the Kingdom of Sweden in the 17th Century - Kimmo Katajala
Ideas from Abroad: German Weavers as Agents of Large-Scale Cloth Production and a Continental Lifestyle in 17th-Century Sweden - Claes B. Pettersson
Foreign Merchants in Early Modern Sweden: A Case of Intermarriage, Trade and Migration - Christina Dalhede
Aspects of "British" Migration to Sweden in the 17th Century - Adam Grimshaw
Commodities, Consumption and Forest Finns in Central Sweden - Magnus Elfwendahl
Encountering "the Other" in the North - Colonial Histories in Early Modern Northern Sweden - Carl-Gösta Ojala
Lapland's Taxation as a Reflection of "Otherness" in the Swedish Realm in the 17th and 18th Centuries: Colonialism or a Priority Right of the Sámi People? - Matti Enbuske
Introduction: Overseas Travel - Magdalena Naum and Fredrik Ekengren
". How It Would Be to Walk On the New World With the Feet From the Old": Facing Otherness in Colonial America - Magdalena Naum
Inscribing Indigeneity in the Colonial Landscape of New Sweden, 1638-1655 - Fredrik Ekengren
Men You Can Trust? Intercultural Trust and Masculinity in the Eyes of Swedes in 18th-Century Canton - Lisa Hellman
The Barbary Coast and Ottoman Slavery in Swedish Early Modern Imagination - Joachim Ostlund
A World of Distinctions: Pehr Löfling and the Meaning of Difference - Kenneth Nyberg
Encountering Some Others and Not Others - Lu Ann De Cunzo

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