A Brotherhood of Canons Serving God

August 1995
4 black and white, 4 line illustrations
256 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Studies in the History of Medieval Religion
ISBN: 9780851156200
Format: Hardback
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A Brotherhood of Canons Serving God

English Secular Cathedrals in the Later Middle Ages

David Lepine

A study of the lives of cathedral clergy in the middle ages.
This study focuses on the canons of the nine secular cathedrals in England in the later middle ages, who were amongst the most able and successful clerics of their age. After considering the functions of the cathedrals which provided them with a comfortable income and considerable status, Dr Lepine turns to the canons themselves, tracing their origins and analysing their careers. He examines the canons' residence at their cathedrals, establishing how many were resident in the close and how much time they spent there. The study concludes by presenting two case studies to show the vigour and diversity of capitular life in the later middle ages: Salisbury between 1398 and 1458 (its so-called golden age) and Lichfield from 1490 to 1540, on the eve of the Reformation.

Dr DAVID LEPINE teaches history at Dartford Grammar School.

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To be welcomed [for] his focus on a still largely neglected facet of English religious life... a splendid display of archival research and imaginative recreation of late medieval canonical life. JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY OF ARCHIVISTS

Admirable...a scrupulous comparative study of the canons of all nine medieval secular cathedrals... Unquestionably the most important contribution to our understanding of the 'running' of England's medieval secular cathedrals [for] half a century. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW [R.B. DOBSON]

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