The Rudiments of Music (Rudimenta Musices, 1539)

January 1991
62 black and white, 24 line illustrations
144 pages
24.4x17.2 cm
Classic Texts in Music Education
ISBN: 9780863141300
Format: Paperback
Boethius Press

The Rudiments of Music (Rudimenta Musices, 1539)

Martin Agricola

Translated by John Trowell, Bernarr Rainbow

A sixteenth century textbook originally intended for Lutheran schools.
The textbook prepared by the influential theorist and cantor of Magdeburg for use in Lutheran schools summarises medieval practice but is written with understanding to simplify the young learner's task. While Agricola's other well-known treatises are in the vernacular, Rudimenta Musices, at Georg Rhau's instigation, was written in Latin to conform with Melanchthon's educational policy. Translated by John Trowell. The musical examples transcribed into modern notation with commentary by Brian Trowell. The original pages have been enlarged by fifteen per cent for reading in the Latin.

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