Romance of Evast and Blaquerna

Romance of Evast and Blaquerna

Ramon Llull

Translated by Robert D. Hughes





The first major work of literature written in Catalan and arguably the first European novel.
The Romance of Evast and Blaquerna is a novel in which Ramon Llull rebelled against secular literature of chivalry and the court in general, which was so successful in his time. Written around 1283, it tells the fictional biography of Blaquerna, a virtuous young man who aspires to be a hermit, not a knight, but who on encountering the disorder of the world is obliged to remain in it. In his reform efforts, Blaquerna passes through several estates before being elected Holy Father in Rome, allowing him to intervene in all Christendom and work decidedly in favor of the conversion of infidels. With everyone on the path to salvation, he may eventually retire and devote himself to the contemplative life. In this new situation, Blaquerna wrote the Book of the Lover and the Beloved, one of the top works of mystical literature of all time.

Published in association with Editorial Barcino.

Ramon Llull (1232-1316) was a mystic, missionary, philosopher and author of narrative and poetry. He is credited with writing the first major work of Catalan literature.

Robert D. Hughes is a specialist in medieval Catalan literature and a widely published translator.


April 2017
192 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Textos B
ISBN: 9781855663046
Format: Paperback
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