Illustrating Camelot

October 2008
32 colour, 46 black and white illustrations
296 pages
24.4x17.2 cm
Arthurian Studies
ISBN: 9781843841838
Format: Hardback

Illustrating Camelot

Barbara Tepa Lupack, Alan Lupack

An account in words and pictures of how the world of Camelot and King Arthur's knights was reflected in, and shaped by, book illustration.
Arthurian book illustration, which came into its own in the Arthurian Revival of the nineteenth century and began to flourish as an important art form, has done more than any other visual art to shape notions of King Arthur and his court and to introduce the legends to the widest possible audience. Yet to date there has been no comprehensive study of Arthurian illustration. Illustrating Camelot fills this critical gap, by examining the special collaboration between illustrators and authors and exploring the ways that the best Arthurian illustrators move beyond mere reproduction to become interpretive readers of the texts they embellish. In versions that range from illustrated editions of Tennyson's Idylls of the King to the numerous editions and popular children's retellings of Malory's Morte d'Arthur and in forms that range from Julia Margaret Cameron's landmark photographic portraits to Russell Flint's lush watercolours, from Gustave Doré's Gothic-styled engravings to Howard Pyle's American-inspired drawings, these illustrators - as this pioneering volume demonstrates - not only reinterpret the timeless tales but also reflect the values of their age. Richly illustrated with both colour and black and white plates, the book will appeal to anyone interested in the stories of King Arthur and the world of Camelot.

BARBARA TEPA LUPACK is former Academic Dean at SUNY and Fulbright Professor of American Literature in Poland and France.

Table of Contents

Gustave Doré
Julia Margaret Cameron
Dan Beard
Aubrey Beardsley
Jessie M. King
Sir W. Russell Flint
Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale
Walter Crane
Arthur Rackham
Lancelot Speed
Howard Pyle
Hudson Talbott
Anna-Marie Ferguson


Like the books it discusses, [it] serves many audiences and serves them amply and well. [...] A valuable resource for courses in the history of medievalism and modern Arthurian literature. STUDIES IN MEDIEVAL AND RENAISSANCE TEACHING

A well-researched, engagingly written and substantial contribution to our understanding of the ways a visual tradition shaped and reinterpreted the Arthurian legends. [...] An impressive and accessible contribution to the tradition of reinventing the Arthurian legends. VICTORIAN STUDIES
Once again Barbara Lupack's Arthurian research makes clear that she possesses an impressive command of the lore surrounding the legendary king. Her exhaustive enquiries into all aspects of the illustrated Arthur are continuously revealed in this most recent study. [...] Makes for an accessible introduction to the highlights of Arthurian book illustration and a welcome addition to her previous body of work. PRE-RAPHAELITE STUDIES
Illustrating Camelot is [...] an exemplary and welcome addition to the relatively small collection of scholarly works dedicated to the visual Arthurian tradition. JOURNAL OF POPULAR CULTURES
A model of what scholarship should be. [...] Students of any stripe of the Arthurian are once again in the debt of the Lupacks who have produced yet another groundbreaking, definitive study that expands greatly our appreciation and understanding of the ever expanding legend of the truly once and future king. ARTHURIANA
There is a lot of pleasure to be had in the reading of this, an obvious labour of love for the author, whose enthusiasm for her subject is as infectious as her wide research is impressive. PENDRAGON

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