Icons of the Luso-Hispanic World

The Icons series includes books on a broad range of outstanding individuals – royalty, religious figures, explorers and leaders of indigenous resistance, inventors, scientists, politicians, revolutionaries, activists, authors, artists, musicians, philosophers, film directors, athletes – and occasionally groups of people, who have had a significant impact not only on Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries but on a broader, even global, scale. Books in the series offer an expertly researched overview of the impact these icons have made both within and beyond their native regions, considering their achievements, influence on contemporaries, and reception more widely. Focussing on key moments in an icon’s life and work, these books trace the acquisition of iconic status. They explore an icon’s legacy and image and afterlife(ves), showing how they have been interpreted, appropriated, and at times reimagined. Based on the most up-to-date scholarly research, books in the series explore how and why a Hispanic or Lusophone icon can also be considered an international icon.