In honor of the ICMS conference, we are offering a 40% discount and free shipping* on our medieval studies titles! Please order online with promo code BB023. Offer valid on print books only; expires 30 June 2022.

Boydell & Brewer has become a leading publisher in Medieval Studies in the fifty years since being founded by Richard Barber and Derek Brewer. We’re very proud of our extensive list, shaped by Editorial Director Caroline Palmer, and honored to publish scholarship of extraordinary quality across multiple disciplines. As our books increasingly become available in electronic and open access formats, we also still treasure the experience of reading print, and produce each volume to meet a high standard.

If you are interested in discussing your book manuscript with Caroline Palmer, she is scheduling appointments for the week after the conference, May 17-21. To sign up, please email her at [email protected].

We wish you an illuminating and productive conference, and look forward to seeing you in person again soon!

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Ælfrician Homilies and Varia

Edited by Aaron J Kleist and Robert K. Upchurch

Anglo-Norman Studies XLIV

Edited by Stephen D. Church

Arthurian Literature XXXVII

Edited by Megan G Leitch and Kevin S Whetter

A Chivalric Life

Edited and translated by Rosalind Brown-Grant and Mario Damen

Constructing History across the Norman Conquest

Edited by Francesca Tinti and D. A. Woodman

Cultural Legacies of Old Norse Literature

Edited by Dustin Geeraert and Christopher Crocker

Cultural Translations in Medieval Romance

Edited by Victoria Flood and Megan G Leitch

The Dynastic Drama of Beowulf

by Francis Leneghan

Eneados: Gavin Douglas's Translation of Virgil's Aeneid

Edited by Priscilla Bawcutt

With Ian Cunningham

The Eneados: Gavin Douglas's Translation of Virgil's Aeneid

Edited by Priscilla Bawcutt

With Ian Cunningham

Fourteenth Century England XII

Edited by James Bothwell and J.S. Hamilton

The Funeral Achievements of Henry V at Westminster Abbey

Edited by Anne Curry and Susan Jenkins

German Romance VII: Ulrich Fuetrer, Iban

by Ulrich Fuetrer

Edited and translated by Joseph M Sullivan

Translated by Joseph M Sullivan

Global Perspectives on Early Medieval England

Edited by Karen Louise Jolly and Britton Elliott Brooks

The Haskins Society Journal 32: 2020. Studies in Medieval History

Edited by Laura L. Gathagan, Charles C. Rozier and William North

Imagining Anglo-Saxon England

by Catherine E. Karkov

Inquisition and Knowledge, 1200-1700

Edited by Peter Biller and L J Sackville

Journal of Medieval Military History

Edited by Kelly DeVries, Clifford J. Rogers and John France

Journey to St Patrick’s Purgatory

Introduction by Stephen Boyd

Translated by Stephen Boyd

Kingship, Lordship and Sanctity in Medieval Britain

Edited by Steven Boardman and David Ditchburn

Kinship in Old Norse Myth and Legend

by Katherine Marie Olley

The Legacy of Gildas

by Stephen J. Joyce

The Letters of Margaret of Anjou

Edited by Helen E Maurer and B.M. Cron

Lost Artefacts from Medieval England and France

Edited by Laura Cleaver and Kathryn Gerry

The Marlborough Mound

Edited by Richard Barber

Medieval English and Dutch Literatures: the European Context

Edited by Larissa Tracy and Geert H.M. Claassens

Medieval English Theatre 43

Edited by Meg Twycross, Sarah Carpenter, Elisabeth Dutton and Gordon L Kipling

Medieval Romance, Arthurian Literature

Edited by A. S. G. Edwards

A Medieval Songbook

Edited by Elizabeth Eva Leach, Joseph W. Mason and Matthew P. Thomson

New Medieval Literatures 22

Edited by Laura Ashe, Philip Knox, Kellie Robertson and Wendy Scase

Poetry in Sagas of Icelanders

by Margaret Clunies Ross

The Practice and Politics of Reading, 650-1500

Edited by Daniel G. Donoghue, James Simpson, Nicholas Watson and Anna Wilson

Runes: a Handbook

by Michael P. Barnes

Scribal Cultures in Late Medieval England

Edited by Margaret Connolly, Holly James-Maddocks and Derek Pearsall

A Soldiers' Chronicle of the Hundred Years War

by Anne Curry and Rémy Ambühl

The Song of Bertrand du Guesclin

Translated by Nigel Bryant

by Cuvelier

Stone Fidelity

by Jessica Barker

Studies in Medievalism XXXI

Edited by Karl Fugelso

Textiles of Medieval Iberia

Edited by Gale R. Owen-Crocker, María Barrigón, Naḥum Ben-Yehuda and Joana Sequeira

Textual Identities in Early Medieval England

Edited by Rebecca Stephenson, Jacqueline Fay and Renée R. Trilling

The Tournaments at Le Hem and Chauvency

by Nigel Bryant

Translated by Nigel Bryant

"Turbulent Foresters"

by Brian Short

*This offer includes hardcovers and paperbacks published under the following imprints: Boydell Press, D. S. Brewer, Camden House, James Currey, Tamesis, University of Rochester Press, RIT Press, Plumbago Books, Toccata Press, York Medieval Press, and Almanach de Gotha.

Titles from the following imprints are excluded from the offer: The Scottish Text Society, Lincoln Record Society, Bedfordshire Historical Record Society, King’s College London Medieval Studies, London Record Society, Nimbus, Oxford Historical Society, Scottish History Society, Suffolk Records Society, Victoria County History, Yorkshire Archaeological History Society, Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Canterbury and York, Henry Bradshaw, Surtees, Society for Post Medieval Archaeology, and Devon and Cornwall Record Society. Please note that there will be no adjustments on previous purchases. Offer is non-transferable and subject to change without notice.