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Discover some enthralling hidden histories with Boydell & Brewer’s latest publications in a range of printed and digital editions. Want to find more? Browse our Autumn catalogue for history medieval and modern, arms & armour, biography and archaeology.

  • Balloon Madness

    by Clare Brant

    How the short-lived balloon craze inspired hopes, visions, fashions, and heroics real and imaginary

    £25.00 Hardback £25.00 eBook
  • The Battle for Palestine, 1917

    by John D. Grainger

    Centenary paperback account of this gruelling and oft-overlooked campaign in the Middle East.

    £19.99 Paperback £19.99 eBook
  • The Temple Church in London

    Ed by David Park, Robin Griffith-Jones

    The story of the world famous church founded by the Knights Templar, from its beginnings to the Blitz.

    £19.99 Paperback
  • Must Close Saturday

    by Adrian Wright

    A delightful guide to the great British musical flop: the good, the bad, the unbelievably misguided.

    £25.00 Hardback £25.00 eBook
  • Christopher Okigbo 1930-67

    by Obi Nwakanma

    Teacher, librarian, gun-runner, soldier: the short, dramatic life of the most anthologized modern African poet.

    £19.99 Paperback £19.99 eBook
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