History of African Archaeology

January 1990
67 black and white, 16 line illustrations
384 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
ISBN: 9780852550656
Format: Paperback
James Currey

History of African Archaeology

Edited by Peter Robertshaw

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This is the first book to chronicle the development of African archaeology as a subject.
Archaeologists have been excavating in Africa for over 200 years. Contributors place the subject within the broader political, social and economic context. Not only have the attitudes and aspirations of both colonialism and nationalism been important influences on the development of African archaeology, but certain discoveries have also had considerable political impact.
Contributors include J.D.Clark, Thurstan Shaw and Peter Shinnie, who have been at the forefront of African archaeology for 50 years.

Keywords: African Studies


Most interesting ... is the recurring theme of the linkage of archaeology, its history and the history of Africa. How did/does history condition the planning and execution of archaeological digs? - Marcia Wright in JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN AFRICAN STUDIES
... admirable set of photographs used throughout, add an intimacy to what might otherwise have been a detached set of comments... an extremely valuable book. - John Parkington in S.A. HISTORICAL JOURNAL
This permanently useful compilation has been put together just in time; in another few years it will be impossible, for everyone with first hand knowledge of the first seventy years of archaeological exploration in Africa will be dead ... The most interesting chapters are the personal memoirs of the three most distinguished living anglophone archaeologists, Desmond Clark, Thurstan Shaw and Peter Shinnie. - John Alexander in AFRICAN AFFAIRS
... no historian or archaeologist of Africa can afford to be without it. It is excellent value for money. - John E. Lavers in AFRICA
...entertaining as well as informative...the book will prove to be a standard reference for a good many years to come ...a book like this will be an essential resource for any university that regularly offers courses on history and method in archaeology... - Creighton Gabel, Professor of Archaeology, Boston University