Henry V: New Interpretations

June 2013
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Henry V: New Interpretations

Edited by Gwilym Dodd

Fresh examinations of the activities of Henry V, looking at how his reputation was achieved.
Henry V (1413-22) is widely acclaimed as the most successful late medieval English king. In his short reign of nine and a half years, he re-imposed the rule of law, made the crown solvent, decisively crushed heresy, achieved a momentous victory at the battle of Agincourt (1415), and negotiated a remarkably favourable settlement for the English over the French in the Treaty of Troyes (1420). Above all, he restored the reputation of the English monarchy and united the English people behind the crown following decades of upheaval and political turmoil. But who was the man behind these achievements? What explains his success? How did he acquire such a glorious reputation?
The ground-breaking essays contained in this volume provide the first concerted investigation of these questions in over two decades. Contributions range broadly across the period of Henry's life, including his early years as Prince of Wales. They consider how Henry raised the money to fund his military campaigns and how his subjects responded to these financial exactions; how he secured royal authority in the localities and cultivated support within the political community; and how he consolidated his rule in France and earned for himself a reputation as the archetypal late medieval warrior king. Overall, the contributions provide new insights and a much better understanding of how Henry achieved this epithet.

Gwilym Dodd is an Associate Professor in the Department of History, University of Nottingham.

Contributors: Christopher Allmand, Mark Arvanigian, Michael Bennett, Anne Curry, Gwilym Dodd, Maureen Jurkowski, Alison K. McHardy, Neil Murphy, W. Mark Ormrod, Jenny Stratford, Craig Taylor.

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Table of Contents

The Making of a Prince: the Finances of 'the young lord Henry', 1386-1400 - Anne Curry
Henry V's Establishment: Service, Loyalty and Reward in 1413 - Gwilym Dodd
Henry V, Lancastrian Kingship, and the Far North of England - Mark Arvanigian
Henry V's Suppression of the Oldcastle Revolt - Maureen Jurkowski
Religion, Court Culture and Propaganda: the Chapel Royal in the Reign of Henry V -
'Par le special commandement du roy'. Jewels and Plate pledged for the Agincourt Expedition - Jenny Stratford
Henry V and the Cheshire Tax Revolt of 1416 - Michael J Bennett
Henry V and the English Taxpayer - W Mark Ormrod
Henry V, Flower of Chivalry - Craig D Taylor
War, Government and Commerce: The Towns of Lancastrian France under Henry V's Rule, 1417-22 - Neil Murphy
Writing History in the Eighteenth Century: Thomas Goodwin's The History of the Reign of Henry the Fifth [1704] - Christopher Allmand


Presents an extremely valuable addition and accompaniment to the recent literature on Henry and also on the Hundred Years War, looking way beyond the Agincourt factor to shed important light on less studied aspects of his reign. HISTORY

A stimulating collection. NORTHERN HISTORY

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