Headlong Hall

December 1997
1 black and white illustrations
96 pages
22.8x15.2 in
ISBN: 9781571132604
Format: Hardback
Camden House

Headlong Hall

Thomas Love Peacock

Introduction by Ray Bradbury

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New edition of famous nineteenth-century novel, with introduction by Ray Bradbury.
Headlong Hall was an instant success upon its anonymous first appearance in 1816. Like most of Peacock's novels, it assembles a group of characters — Mr Cranium, Miss Poppyseed, Mr Treacle and others — who, while eating and drinking to abandon, discuss topics which were then of interest to Peacock and his circle of intellectual friends. Some of the figures are thinly-disgused portraits of contemporaries (Mr Escot, for example, is widely thought to be modelled on Shelley); others embody current views of the age, and are held up to scorn. There is a minimum of plot, but much discussion in a unique and lively style, and with burlesque Rabelaisan humour; throughout, Peacock uses the work to parody contemporary thinking in a variety of disparate areas, including utilitarianism, vegetarianism, aesthetics, music, poetry, art criticism, and so on. In the meantime there is dancing and drinking and falling in love.
This edition contains an introduction by America's master of science fantasy, RAY BRADBURY, who adds his own special touch to this feast of ideas and language.


As for having characters lecture on life, what a vice it is! And always unsatisfactory, even in the hands of Dr. Mann. Peacock and the early Huxley did it best... THE NEW YORKER