Handbook of Self-Determination Research

April 2002
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480 pages
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University of Rochester Press
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Handbook of Self-Determination Research

Edited by Edward L. Deci, Richard M. Ryan


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Papers addressing the role which human motivation plays in a wide range of specialties including clinical psychology, internal medicine, sports psychology, social psychology, and educational psychology.
Over the past twenty years an increasing number of researchers from various universities have been investigating motivational issues underlying the self-regulation of behavior. Using either Self-Determination Theory or closely related theoretical perspectives, these researchers have performed laboratory experiments, as well as field studies in a variety of real-world settings, including education, work, parenting, health care, sport, and protection of the environment.
In April 1999 thirty of these researchers convened at the University of Rochester to present their work, share ideas, and discuss future research directions. The Handbook of Self-Determination Research is an outgrowth of that important and fascinating conference. It summarizes the research programs of these social, personality, clinical, developmental, and applied psychologists who have a shared belief in the importance of self-determination for understanding basic motivational processes and for solving pressing real-world problems.
Eighteen chapters, including an overview of self-determination theory, present the current state of the research in this scientifically rigorous, yet highly relevant, approach to studying motivational problems in various life domains. Researchers from eighteen universities in the United States, Canada, and Germany present concise and up-to-date accounts of their research programs concerned with the self-determination of human behavior. In these chapters, scholars also consider the relevance of the research on self-determination to other areas of inquiry such as coping, self-esteem, and interest.

Edward L. Deci and Richard Ryan are Professors of Psychology in the University of Rochester's Department of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology.

Table of Contents

An Overview of Self-Determination Theory: An Organismic- Dialectical Perspective - Richard M. Ryan
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation: A Hierarchical Model - Robert J. Vallerand
The Self-Concordance Model of Healthy Goal Striving: When Personal Goals Correctly Represent the Person - Kennon M. Sheldon
The Self-Concordance Model of Healthy Goal Striving: When Personal Goals Correctly Represent the Person - Kennon M. Sheldon
The Integrating Self and Conscious Experience - Holley S. Hodgins
Distinguishing Three Ways of Being Highly Motivated: A Closer Look at Introjection, Identification, and Intrinsic Motivation - Richard Koestner
Sketches for a Self-Determination Theory of Values - Tim Kasser
Self-Generated Changes in Intrinsic Motivation as a Function of Social Perception - T. Cameron Wild
What Makes Parents Controlling? - Wendy S. Grolnick
Self-Determination Theory Applied to Education Settings - Johnmarshall Reeve
A Motivation Analysis of Self-Determination for Pro-Environmental Behaviors - Luc G. Pelletier
Improving Patients' Health Through Supporting the Autonomy of Patients and Providers - Geoffrey C. Williams
Intrinsic Need Satisfaction in Organizations: A Motivational Basis of Success in For-Profit and Not-For-Profit Settings - Paul P. Baard
Self-Determination Theory and Participation Motivation Research in the Sport and Exercise Domain - Christina M. Frederick-Recascino
The Relation of Perceived Control and Self Determination in Coping - Ellen Skinner
Distinguishing between Secure and Fragile Forms of High Self- Esteem - Michael H. Kernis
The Need for Competence - Andrew J. Elliot
Three Views of the Agentic Self: A Developmental Synthesis - Todd D. Little
An Education-Psychological Theory of Interest and its Relation to SDT - Andreas Krapp
Self-Determination Research: Reflections and Future Directions - Edward K. Deci


All in all, this book is a valuable resource for a wide range of current topics in self-determination theory and practice. It is highly recommended for practitioners attempting to empower their clients/patients to lead self-determined, authentic, quality lives. The theories and research presented in the Handbook of Self-Determination Research can be implemented easily into one's practice. THE JOURNAL OF MIND AND BEHAVIOR

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