Good Newes from Fraunce

Good Newes from Fraunce

French Anti-League Propaganda in Late Elizabethan England

Lisa Ferraro Parmelee


University of Rochester Press



An exploration of the importation of French political thought into England during the last decades of Elizabeth's reign.
The French Religious Wars generated a large body of political propaganda from the Huguenots, the Politiques (a Huguenot-Catholic confederacy) and the Catholic League. Dr. Parmelee discusses how, in the last decades of the reign of Elizabeth I some 130 translated documents were imported into England, most of them - originating from the Politiques, written in support of the Protestant Henry of Navarre's accession to the French throne-advocating religious tolerance as a way to peace. She argues that while most English political thinkers did not openly embrace or articulate the absolutist ideas often expressed in these writings, they had a wide impact on political discourse in the late Elizabethan period. They were useful against foreign enemies, Catholic recusants and Presbyterians, but particularly, in a time of fear of civil war engendered by an unsettled succession, they helped to establish an intellectual climate conducive to the later development of Stuart absolutism.

Dr. Lisa Ferraro Parmelee teaches in the Department of History at Villanova University.

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June 1996
2 black and white illustrations
216 pages
22.8x15.2 in
ISBN: 9781878822659
Format: Hardback
University of Rochester Press
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Lucidly written and finely researched....Parmelee convincingly argues that a number of elements in late 16th-century French thinking helped to pave the way for the growth of absolutism in Stuart England... An important and original contribution to the histories of early modern Britain and of political thought. --AMERICAN HISTORICAL REVIEW

A valuable book, providing a sketch of key themes in late Elizabethan political thought in addition to a persuasive and detailed account of the propaganda use made of French materials. --HISTORY