Goethe Yearbook 21

July 2014
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Goethe Yearbook
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Goethe Yearbook 21

Edited by Adrian Daub, Elisabeth Krimmer

New essays on topics in the literature of Goethe and the Goethezeit, including contributions by both eminent scholars and new voices.

The Goethe Yearbook is a publication of the Goethe Society of North America, encouraging North American Goethe scholarship by publishing original English-language contributions to the understanding of Goethe and other authors of the Goethezeit while also welcoming contributions from scholars around the world.
Volume 21 contains eleven articles, including contributions by leading scholars David Wellbery and Katharina Mommsen; innovative work on the reception of Goethe's works around 1900, on women writers, and on Goethe's contemporary Albrecht von Haller; theoretically sophisticated interpretations, including articles on concepts of space in Alexis and Dora and on notions of sacrifice in Faust; and interdisciplinary pieces ranging from a discussion of contemporary psychological and medical theories of ill humor in relation to Goethe's Werther and an economic reading of Goethe's Faust to an analysis of illustrations of Goethe's works. The review section collects responses by eminent scholars to a wide swath of recent books on Goethe and his age, both in German and English.

Contributors: Liesl Allingham, William H. Carter, Sarah Vandegrift Eldridge, John B. Lyon, Waltraud Maierhofer, Catherine Minter, Katharina Mommsen, David Pan, Michael Saman, Leif Weatherby, David E. Wellbery.

Adrian Daub is Associate Professor of German at Stanford. Elisabeth Krimmer is Professor of German at the University of California Davis. Book review editor Birgit Tautz is Associate Professor of German at Bowdoin College.

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Table of Contents

On the Logic of Change in Goethe's Work
Space and Place in Goethe's "Alexis und Dora"
Countermemory in Karoline von Günderrode's "Darthula nach Ossian": A Female Warrior, Her Unruly Breast, and the Construction of Her Myth
Bad Habits of the Heart: Werther's Critique of Ill Humor in the Context of Contemporary Psychological Thought
Confessions of a Childless Woman: Fictional Autobiography around 1800
Faust's <1>Begehren: Revisiting the History of Political Economy in <1>Faust II
Sacrifice in Goethe's <1>Faust
Constructions of Goethe versus Constructions of Kant in German Intellectual Culture, 1900-1925
Das Innere der Natur und ihr Organ: von Albrecht von Haller zu Goethe
Die Titelkupfer von Moritz Retzsch zu Goethes <1>Ausgabe letzter Hand
Zu <1>Goethe und der Islam-Antwort auf die oft aufgeworfene Frage: War Goethe ein Muslim?
Book Reviews


[D]emonstrates a healthy pluralism of approaches to the work of Goethe and to the broader German literary culture of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. . . . The breadth of approaches . . . is complemented by an explicit attempt to address a broader readership in one other important sense: in the case of English-language contributions [eight of eleven articles], the editors have established a new policy of providing English translations of all quotations . . . clearly a positive development . . . . This issue of the Goethe Yearbook is to be recommended [. . . and] gives clear evidence of the present strength and breadth in the study of eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century German literature in North America. EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY INTELLIGENCER

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