Goethe Yearbook 20

Goethe Yearbook 20

Edited by Daniel Purdy


Camden House



A new crop of essays on topics in the literature of Goethe and the Goethezeit, with a special section providing innovative readings of Goethe's lyric poetry.
The Goethe Yearbook is a publication of the Goethe Society of North America, encouraging North American Goethe scholarship by publishing original English-language contributions to the understanding of Goethe and other authors of the Goethezeit while also welcoming contributions from scholars around the world.
Volume 20 contains a special section on Goethe's lyric poetry with contributions from leading scholars. The essays incorporate a range of new methodologies that provide innovative readings of Goethe's most important poems, including contributions by Benjamin Bennett on Faust and Daniel Wilson on the West-östliche Divan. The volume also includes essays on Götz von Berlichingen, the Sturm-und-Drang sublime, the Nibelungenlied's place within Weltliteratur, as well as an examination of Schiller's notion of freedom.

Contributors: Constantin Behler, Benjamin Bennett, Frauke Berndt, Fritz Breithaupt, Hannah Vandegrift Eldridge, Andrew Erwin, Patrick Fortmann, Edgar Landgraf, Horst Lange, Charlotte Lee, Claudia Maienborn, Joseph D. O'Neil, Elizabeth Powers, Christian P. Weber, W. Daniel Wilson.

Daniel Purdy is Associate Professor of German at Pennsylvania State University. Book review editor Catriona MacLeod is Associate Professor of German at the University of Pennsylvania.

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July 2013
308 pages
9x6 in
Goethe Yearbook
ISBN: 9781571135599
Format: Hardback
Camden House
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Table of Contents

Introduction to Special Section on Goethe's Lyric Poetry
Intimacy, Morality, and the Inner Problematic of the Lyric
Beyond the Poem: Strategies of Meta-Poetic Reflection in Goethe's Erster Weimarer Gedichtsammlung
Meistersänger als Beruf: The Maieutics of Poetic Vocation in "Erklärung eines alten Holzschnittes . . ."
Song or Narration? Goethe's Mignon
The Sucking Subject: Structural Ambiguities of Goethe's "Auf dem See" in Literary and Linguistic Perspective
"Höhere Begattung," "höhere Schönheit": Goethe's Homoerotic Poem "Selige Sehnsucht"
Poetry after Faust
Forms of Knowledge/Knowledge of Forms: The Epistemology of Goethe's West-östlicher Divan and Cavellian Skepticism
Im flüßgen Element hin und wieder schweifen: Development and Return in Goethe's Poetry and Hegel's Philosophy
Goethe's Historical Particularism and the "Right Hand" of History: Early Modern State Building, Nobility, and the Feud in Götz von Berlichingen
Where Are the Mountains? Johann Jacob Bodmer and the "Pre-Kantian Sublime"
The Politics of Aesthetic Humanism: Schiller's German Idea of Freedom
Romanticism's Old German as Stepping-Stone to Goethe's World Literature
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