Goethe Yearbook 17

Goethe Yearbook 17

Edited by Daniel Purdy


Camden House



New articles on topics spanning the Age of Goethe, with a special section of fresh views of Goethe's Faust.
The Goethe Yearbook is a publication of the Goethe Society of North America, publishing original English-language contributions to the understanding of Goethe and other authors of the Goethezeit, while also welcoming contributions from scholars around the world.
Goethe Yearbook 17 covers the full range of the era, from Karl Guthke's essay on the early Lessing to Peter Höyng's on Grillparzer. Notable is a special section, co-edited by Clark Muenzer and Karin Schutjer, that samples some of the exciting new work presented at the Goethe Society conference in November 2008: 200 years after the publication of Faust I, eight essays offer fresh views of this epic masterpiece, often through novel and surprising connections. Authors link for example Faust's final ascension and the circulation of weather, verse forms in the drama and the performance of national identity, the fate of Gretchen and the occult politics of Francis Bacon. Other papers explore epistemological structures and taxonomies at work in Goethe's prose, essays, and scientific writings.

Contributors: Frederick Amrine, Johannes Anderegg, Matthew Bell, Benjamin Bennett, Gerrit Brüning, Christian Clement, Pamela Currie, Ulrich Gaier, Karl Guthke, Stefan Hajduk, Peter Höyng, Clark Muenzer, Andrew Piper, Herb Rowland, Heather Sullivan, Chad Wellmon, Ellwood Wiggins, Markus Wilczek.

Daniel Purdy is Associate Professor of German at Pennsylvania State University. Book review editor Catriona MacLeod is Associate Professor of German at the University of Pennsylvania.

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January 2010
5 line illustrations
424 pages
9x6 in
Goethe Yearbook
ISBN: 9781571134257
Format: Hardback
Camden House
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Table of Contents

"Offenbares Geheimnis" oder "geheime Offenbarung"? Goethes Märchen und die Apokalypse - Christian Clement
Goethe's Green: The "Mixed" Boundary Colors in Zur Farbenlehre - Pamela Currie
For Heaven's Sake: I Will Have You Walk Into the Dark -- Grillparzer's Containment of Beethoven and the Ambivalences of their Melusina-Project - Peter Höyng
Imitation, Pleasure, and Aesthetic Education in the Poetics and Comedies of Johann Elias Schlegel - Herbert Rowland
Feindlich verbündet: Lessing und die Neuen Erweiterungen der Erkenntnis und des Vergnügens - Karl S. Guthke
Juvenalian Satire in Goethe's "Das Tagebuch" - Matthew Bell
Helena, then Hell: Faust as Review and Anticipation of Modern Times - Ulrich Gaier
Histrionic Nationality: Implications of the Verse in Faust - Benjamin K. Bennett
Die Wette in Goethes Faust - Gerrit Bruening
Ecocriticism, the Elements, and the Ascent/Descent into Weather in Goethe's Faust - Heather I. Sullivan
Grablegung im Vorhof des Palasts: Groteske Anschaulichkeit in den vorletzten Szenen von Faust II - Johannes Anderegg
Goethes Gnostiker: Fausts vergessener Nihilismus und sein Streben nach Erlösungswissen - Stefan Hajduk
The Unconscious of Nature: Analyzing Disenchantment in Faust I - Frederick Amrine
Forms of Figuration in Faust I - Clark Muenzer
Goethe's Morphology of Knowledge, or the Overgrowth of Nomenclature - Chad Wellmon
Paraphrasis: Goethe, the Novella, and Forms of Transitional Knowledge - Andrew Piper
Dramas of Knowledge: The "Fortunate Event" of Recognition - Ellwood Wiggins
gegen: Bewegungen durch Goethes "Der Mann von fünfzig Jahren" - Marcus Wilczek


Illustrates] that it is possible to approach Goethe with a considerable degree of sophistication, but in a largely non-technical way. . . . As well as demonstrating the usual high production values of the Goethe Yearbook, volume 17 offers, in the best tradition of academic scholarship, numerous points for further exploration. JOURNAL OF EUROPEAN STUDIES

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