Goethe Yearbook 16

January 2009
282 pages
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Goethe Yearbook
ISBN: 9781571133960
Format: Hardback
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Goethe Yearbook 16

Edited by Daniel Purdy

Groundbreaking essays highlighting Goethe's relevance to contemporary theoretical debates and Goethe criticism of recent decades.
The Goethe Yearbook, first published in 1982, is a publication of the Goethe Society of North America and is dedicated to North American Goethe Scholarship. It aims above all to encourage and publish original English-language contributions to the understanding of Goethe and other authors of the Goethezeit, while also welcoming contributions from scholars around the world.
Goethe Yearbook 16 presents innovative interpretations by young scholars of Goethe's most prominent works. A special section on 20th-century theory, co-edited by Angus Nicholls, demonstrates the poet's importance within areas of contemporary debate such as postcolonial criticism and Heideggerian phenomenology. The volume includes Judith Ryan's 2007 Presidential Address to the Goethe Society on the aphorisms in Die Wahlverwandtschaften and the Wanderjahre, as well as essays on aspects of Hermann und Dorothea, Iphigenie, Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre, and Prometheus. Readers will also find a surprising interpretation of Schiller on subjectivity and military strategy, and a feminist archival history of the Hamburg actress Charlotte Ackermann.

Contributors: Volker C. Dörr, Mary Helen Dupree, Ellis Dye, Bernd Hamacher, Katrin Kohl, Michael Mandelartz, Jan Mieszkowski, Angus Nicholls, Charlton Payne, Mattias Pirholt, Myriam Richter, Judith Ryan, and Christian Weber.

Daniel Purdy is Associate Professor of German at Pennsylvania State University. Book review editor Catriona MacLeod is Associate Professor of German at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Table of Contents

"Pfeile mit Widerhaken": On the Aphorisms in Goethe's Wahlverwandtschaften and Wanderjahre - Judith Ryan
Epic World Citizenship in Goethe's Hermann und Dorothea - Charlton Payne
The Pace of the Attack: Military Experience in Schiller's Wallenstein and Die Jungfrau von Orleans - Jan Mieszkowski
Die "reine Seele" und die Politik: Partikularität und Universalität in Goethes Iphigenie - Michael Mandelartz
A Symbolic-Mystic Monstrosity:Ideology and Representation in Goethe's Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre - Mattias Pirholt
Goethes "Prometheus": Kritik der poetischen Einbildungskraft - Christian P. Weber
"Ein Geschöpf der Einbildung unseres Herrn Leßing": Fictions of Acting and Virtue in the Postmortem Reception of Charlotte Ackermann (1757-1775) - Mary Helen Dupree
Goethe and Twentieth-Century Theory: A Modest Introduction - Angus Nicholls
No Escape? Goethe's Strategies of Self-Projection and their Role in German Literary Historiography - Katrin Kohl
Biographismus und Anti-Biographismus in philosophischen Goethe-Deutungen des 20. Jahrhunderts - Bernd Hamacher and Myriam Richter
Sorge in Heidegger and in Goethe's Faust - Ellis Dye
Orient und Okzident: Der West-östliche Divan als postkoloniales Paradigma - Volker Dorr

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