Goethe Yearbook 14

February 2007
6 black and white illustrations
272 pages
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Goethe Yearbook
ISBN: 9781571133373
Format: Hardback
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Goethe Yearbook 14

Edited by Simon J. Richter

Focuses on childhood in the Age of Goethe, in addition to various other topics and works.
The Goethe Yearbook, first published in 1982, is a publication of the Goethe Society of North America and is dedicated to North American Goethe Scholarship. It aims above all to encourage and publish original English-language contributions to the understanding of Goethe and other authors of the Goethezeit, while also welcoming contributions from scholars around the world. Volume 14 features a special section on childhood in the Age of Goethe, co-edited with Anthony Krupp. In addition, readers will find two essays illuminating Goethe's Triumph der Empfindsamkeit, an inspired reading of Das Märchen against the background of Goethe's critique of Newtonian science, a careful analysis of the daemonic in the poem "Mächtiges Überraschen," and essays on Egmont and Wilhelm Meisters Wanderjahre.

Contributors: Kelly Barry, Paul Fleming, Edgar Landgraf, Liliane Weissberg, Angus Nicholls, Robin A. Clouser

Simon J. Richter is Professor of German at the University of Pennsylvania, and book review editor Martha B. Helfer is Professor of German at Rutgers University. Anthony Krupp is Assistant Professor of German at the University of Miami.

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Table of Contents

Natural Palingenesis: Childhood, Memory, and Self-Experience in Herder and Jean Paul - Kelly Barry
The Promises of Childhood: Autobiography in Goethe and Jean Paul - Paul Fleming
The Education of Humankind: Perfectability and Discipline in Kant's Über Pädagogik - Edgar Landgraf
Kästchenwahl - Liliane Weissberg
Sentimental Confusion: Art, Nature, and Aesthetic Autonomy in Goethe's Der Triumph der Empfindsamkeit - John P. Heins
Seeing the Light: Goethe's Märchen as Science -- Newton's Science as Fairy Tale - Heather I. Sullivan
The Ironic "Tick" in Goethe's Egmont: The Potentials and Limits of the Modern Heroic and Poetic Ideal - Raleigh Whitinger
The Philosophical Concept of the Daemonic in Goethe's "Mächtiges Überraschen" - Angus Nicholls
"Die pilgernde Törin": Genesis, Revaluation, and Mirroring in Goethe's Wanderjahre - Robin Clouser

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