Glory, Laud and Honour

April 2008
26 black and white illustrations
248 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
ISBN: 9781843833758
Format: Paperback
Boydell Press

Glory, Laud and Honour

The Arts of the Anglican Counter-Reformation

Graham Parry

A wide-ranging survey of the brief revival of religious art, architecture, music, and literature during the Counter-Reformation.
This book offers an accessible overview of the achievements of Laudian culture, so much of which was destroyed in the Civil Wars. Some eighty years after the Reformation, the brief span of the Anglican Counter-Reformation in the 1620s and 1630s saw a revival of the arts in the Church. With the rise of a "High Church" movement, initiated by Lancelot Andrewes and propelled by William Laud, John Cosin and Matthew Wren, the arts of religion flourished once again. New churches were built, and cathedrals and parish churches began to install new furnishings that were appropriate to the ceremonial forms of worship now being introduced. Painted glass, religious painting and sculpture, and ornate screens, font-covers and tombs all re-appeared. Sacred music enjoyed a revival too, as cathedral and chapel choirs required an enlarged repertoire for the more complex services that the Laudian movement favoured. The heightened mood of piety also found expression in a remarkable flowering of devotional poetry and prose. All these are discussed in this remarkable book.

First published in 2006 as The Arts of the Anglican Counter-Reformation. GRAHAM PARRY is Professor of English, University of York.

Table of Contents

The Revival of Ceremonies
Building the Temple
Laud and the Renovation of the Cathedrals
College Chapels at Oxford and Cambridge
Furnishing the Church
Devotional Prose of the Laudian Movement
Devotional Poetry
Church Music of the Laudian Era
Sacrilege and Sanctity: Spelman and the Antiquaries


Gives us a detailed and perceptive survey of a heretofore overlooked concatenation of religious arts in a seminal period in English church history. CHURCH HISTORY JOURNAL
[A] thoughtful systematic analysis of the artistic contributions made during this brief, yet fruitful period. VIRGINIA SEMINARY JOURNAL
[An] attractively illustrated, interdisciplinary study. ECCLESIOLOGY TODAY
Will be warmly welcomed by scholars working on this period. LITERATURE & HISTORY
A very readable and well-informed new book. CHRISTOPHER HOWSE, DAILY TELEGRAPH
Graham Parry's narrative is learned, cogent, and, as we have come to expect of him, characteristically eloquent. SEVENTEENTH-CENTURY NEWS

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