Ghetto Writing

February 1999
239 pages
22.8x15.2 in
Studies in German Literature Linguistics and Culture
ISBN: 9781571130099
Format: Hardback
Camden House
BISAC LIT004170, LIT004210

Ghetto Writing

Traditional and Eastern Jewry in German-Jewish Literature from Heine to Hilsenrath

Edited by Anne Fuchs, Florian Krobb

Fresh articles about a much neglected genre, fiction from and about the Jewish ghetto.
Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries ghetto fiction played an important part in the expression of a particularly German-Jewish quest for identity. The volume Ghetto Writing takes the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the publication of Leopold Kompert's collection of ghetto stories Aus dem Ghetto (1848) to fill a gap and give testimony to an important genre that has been unduly silenced in the literary histories of the post-war period. The volume presents some 15 articles by scholars from Scandinavia, Germany, Great Britain, and Ireland whose contributions offer new analyses of ghetto writing by well known authors such as Heinrich Heine and Joseph Roth, and completely new material on forgotten ghetto writers who deserve to be rediscovered, such as Alexander Granach. The articles cover various types of ghetto writing, ranging from ghetto fiction in the tradition of Leopold Kompert and Karl Emil Franzos, to diaries, travelogues, autobiography, and even contemporary German HipHop and Rap lyrics.

Table of Contents

The Frankfurt Judengasse in Eyewitness Accounts from the Seventeenth to the Nineteenth Century - Eoin Bourke
Enlightened and Romantic Views of the Ghetto: David Frieländer versus Heinrich Heine - Ritchie Robertson
Reclaiming the Location: Leopold Kompert's Ghetto Fiction in Post-Colonial Perspective - Florian Krobb
German Versus Jargon: Language and Jewish Identity in German Ghetto Writing - Gabriele Glasenapp
Eastern Jews and the Sociology of Nationalism - Chris Thornhill
Pogroms in Literary Representation - Joachim Beug
Philo-Simetic Tendencies in Wilhelm Jensen's Historical Novel Die Juden von Cölln - Joerg Thunecke
Views from fin-de-Siécle Vienna: Zionist Images of Eastern Jews in Herzl's Die Welt - Paul E. Kerry
The Construction of the Eastern Jewry in Joseph Roth's Juden auf Wanderschaft - David Horrocks
From Ghetto to Nation: Hofmannsthal's Poetics of Assimilation - Michael Kane
Persecution, Exile, and the Mental Ghetto in Henry William Katz's Novel Die Fischmanns - Ena Pedersen
The Shtetl's Curiosity and Style: Alexander Granach's Autobiographical Novel Da ghet ein Mensch - Michael Schmidt
Edgar Hilsenrath's Poetics of Insignificance and the Tradition of Humour in German-Jewish Ghetto Writing - Anne Fuchs
"Beyond the Jewish Ghetto: The Ghetto in Modern Punk and Rap Culture" by Frank Möbus and Martin B. Münch


A scintillating glimpse of a literary treasure trove.' CANADIAN JEWISH NEWS'Should be of much use to those who study or teach German-Jewish literary and cultural relations.' GERMAN QUARTERLY' The publication is of interest as in introduction into the material not only for the Germanist but also for the layperson.' ASCHKENAS'The great breadth of this collection of essays makes it especially valuable.' GERMANISTIK 'This volume is bound to be of great interest to anyone interested in the works that chronicle the journey of the Yiddish speakers of Central and Eastern Europe from medieval ghettos to the attempted assimilation into the German cultural world.' SHOFAR

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