German Romance III: Iwein, or The Knight with the Lion

German Romance III: Iwein, or The Knight with the Lion

Hartmann von Aue

Translated by Cyril Edwards

Edited by Cyril Edwards





First English translation of Iwein[B], a German adaptation of Chrétien's famous Yvain.
Iwein, or The Knight with the Lion, is a free Middle High German adaptation of Chrétien de Troyes' Old French Arthurian romance, Yvain. Written c.1200 by a Swabian knight, Hartmann von Aue, Iwein charts the development towards maturity of a young knight who falls into error, neglecting his hard-won wife by devoting himself excessively to chivalric pursuits.
This parallel-text edition, offering the first English translation, is based on one of the two earliest complete manuscripts, Giessen, University Library, no. 97 [Iwein B], dating from the second quarter of the thirteenth century. It contains a large number of lines, particularly in the later stages of the poem, which are not present in the other early manuscript, A [Heidelberg, cpg 397]. These show a special interest in the woman's side of the story, expanding a passage concerned with embroidery and weaving, and adding a marriage for the maidservant Lunet, whose cunning brings about the reconciliation between Iwein and her mistress, Laudine. The authorship of these passages is uncertain, but they may be Hartmann's own revision of his text. The volume is completed with an introduction, notes and bibliography.

Dr CYRIL EDWARDS is Senior Research Fellow of the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages, University of Oxford.

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November 2007
1 black and white illustrations
450 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Arthurian Archives
ISBN: 9781843840848
Format: Hardback
BIC DCF, 1H, 2AB, 3H
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Table of Contents

Iwein or The Knight with the Lion
Appendix: the Endings of Iwein
Select Bibliography
Index of Names


An excellent translation [which] keeps readers close to the mentality of the original author. MODERN LANGUAGE REVIEW

An excellent translation by an experienced scholar. MEDIUM AEVUM

A superb translation and edition of arguably the most important Iwein manuscript.[...]Edward's translation represents the greatest contribution to scholars and, especially, to the many non-Germanists who are dependent on reliable English translations. [This] very fine English rendering is, in terms of scientific quality, superior to all other Iwein translations into modern English or German.[...]Edwards' quite exceptional translation and careful edition of MS B make this volume essential for all serious scholars of Hartmann's Iwein and the medieval Ywain tradition. ARTHURIANA,

A stunning translation that somehow manages to achieve the impossible: it sounds both medieval and contemporary. TLS

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