German Literature of the 1990s and Beyond

January 2005
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Studies in German Literature Linguistics and Culture
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German Literature of the 1990s and Beyond

Normalization and the Berlin Republic

Stuart Taberner

A lively, comprehensive account of recent developments in German fiction.
This book presents a comprehensive, lively account of recent developments in German fiction at a moment when--for the first time in many years--German authors are once again the subject of international attention and acclaim. It introduces English-speaking audiences to the complex dilemmas that are shaping the ways in which Germans are presently defining themselves, their difficult past, and the new "Berlin Republic." The theme that runs throughout the volume is the ongoing debate on German "normalization." In offering a wide-ranging consideration of contemporary German literature, the book complements a broad discussion of trends in present-day German politics, society, and culture with detailed readings of texts by internationally renowned figures as W. G. Sebald, Günter Grass, Martin Walser, Marcel Beyer, Ingo Schulze, Judith Hermann, Thomas Brussig, and Bernhard Schlink, and by newer, emerging writers. Topics include the literary debates of the 1990s, the literary market and marketing, literary responses to the former East and West Germany in the age of globalization and to the Nazi past and portrayals of "ordinary Germans," depictions of "German wartime suffering," contemporary writing on "Jewish fates" and efforts to revive the "German-Jewish symbiosis," and finally, the recent wave of writing about the provinces.

Stuart Taberner is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of German at the University of Leeds, UK.

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Table of Contents

Literary Debates Since Unification: "European" Modernism or "American" Pop?
Literature in the East
Literature in the West
Confronting the Nazi Past I: "Political Correctness"
Confronting the Nazi Past II: German Perpetrators or German Victims?
A German-Jewish Symbiosis?
From the Province to Berlin
Concluding Remarks
Works Cited


A respected authority on postwar and contemporary German literature ... presents the first large-scale survey of post-unification Germany's many diverse literary developments and trends. CHOICE

Taberner offers a broad but also remarkably detailed panorama of German literary life in the last 15 years.... [A]n impressive and useful contribution to discussions of contemporary German-language literature, ... an indispensable overview.... MONATSHEFTE

[Taberner] combines a broad discussion of contemporary trends with detailed readings of exemplary texts by both established and newly emerging writers. In particular, Taberner concentrates on a survey of German fiction since unification, with special reference to novels written from the mid-1990s.... GERMANIC NOTES AND REVIEWS

The quality of the writing and breadth of knowledge of the contemporary literary scene in this comprehensive introduction make it an essential starting point for anyone interested in a lively, scholarly attempt to spot and articulate significant themes, trends, and currents in contemporary German writing. GERMAN STUDIES REVIEW

Taberner's timely and impressive survey of German literature since 1990 uses the idea of normalization ... as a way into the first comprehensive study of prose literature of the Berlin Republic. ... [A] major achievement, which has already found a place on all university reading lists.... MODERN LANGUAGE REVIEW

The readability of the book stems from an Anglo-American scientific tradition and in particular its dialogic character. Taberner sets up a continual conversation between the literary texts and their reception. JAHRBUCH FÜR INTERNATIONALE GERMANISTIK

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