From Expressionism to Exile

June 1999
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216 pages
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Studies in German Literature Linguistics and Culture
ISBN: 9781571131300
Format: Hardback
Camden House

From Expressionism to Exile

The Works of Walter Hasenclever (1890-1940)

Christa Spreizer

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A major contribution to an understanding of the German Expressionist writer Walter Hasenclever.
The first general study in English on the German Expressionist writer Walter Hasenclever (1890-1940). Hasenclever was a major figure in the Expressionist literary movement, best known for the groundbreaking expressionist drama DER SOHN (1914) and for his 1917 anti-war play ANTIGONE. His work in film in Germany and in Hollywood, in journalism as a Paris correspondent in the mid 1920s, and his successful transition to comedies in the late 1920s illustrate his versatility as a writer. Hasenclever was a key figure in the literary life of the Weimar Republic. Critical of the Nazis in his plays and articles, he was denounced and his works were burned upon the Nazi seizure of power. Thereafter he lived in exile in Italy, England, and France, writing plays and two autobiographical novels. He committed suicide in French internment at the time of the German invasion in 1940.

Table of Contents

Lyric Poetry
Expressionist Plays
Hasenclever's Mystic Period
Comedies of Neue Sachlichkeit and the Early 1930's
Journalism and Film
Works Written in Exile


Just the book that was needed... authoritative without being dogmatic, sensible without being commonplace, and eminently readable. JOURNAL OF EUROPEAN STUDIES
Well organized and clear in presentation, Spreizer's book will be a useful document for everyone interested in German studies. CHOICE
An informative work, arranged in classical manner -- chronological presentation with biographical details and analyses of the works. ETUDES GERMANIQUES '[An] informative and well-researched study.' COLLOQUIA GERMANICA

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