French Arthurian Romance III

June 2006
656 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Arthurian Archives
ISBN: 9781843840800
Format: Hardback

French Arthurian Romance III

Le Chevalier as deus espees

Edited by Paul Vincent Rockwell

First modern critical edition of an important Arthurian romance, with facing translation.
The Chevalier as deus espees is an anonymous Arthurian romance, belonging to a cluster of French verse works that were composed in England during the first decades of the thirteenth century: its author and audience were presumably among the baronial immigrants from the western regions of France who had lost their continental holdings to Philip Augustus. It presents an intertextual response to various problems raised in Chrétien de Troyes' Roman de Perceval, with its interlaced adventures containing some of the most subtle rewriting of Arthurian material known from this period.
This volume - offering a text and facing translation - represents the only dual-language edition of the romance and the first critical edition to be published since the nineteenth century; it also includes an introduction, notes and bibliography.

Table of Contents

Le chevalier as deus espees


Vielleicht sollte man gelegentlich ein Loblied auf die literarische Gattung der Übersetzung singen [...] Die ebenso textreue wie lesbare amerikanische Version, die auch in der Prosa den Rhythmus der Verse zu erhalten sucht und nur im Erzähltempus eine moderne Vereinheitlichung vornimmt, darf als Muster einer gelungenen Übertragung bezeichnet werden, welche die Originalität dieses scheinbar epigonalen Artusromans [...] deutlicher hervortreten läßt. ZEITSCHRIFT FUER ROMANISCHE PHILOLOGIE
An excellent edition accompanied by an equally excellent translation of a significant post-Chrétien de Troyes Arthurian verse romance. ENCOMIA
Makes the text completely accessible even to those who have no French, who will be able to read it with enjoyment. Professor Rockwell is to be congratulated on what must have been a lengthy and sometimes difficult task. FRENCH STUDIES LXI

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