Framing a Novelist

January 1996
164 pages
22.8x15.2 in
Literary Criticism in Perspective
ISBN: 9781571130600
Format: Hardback
Camden House

Framing a Novelist

Arno Schmidt Criticism 1970-1994

Robert Weninger

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First survey of the most recent critical literature devoted to Arno Schmidt, the controversial German author.
Recognised as one of post-war Germany's most idiosyncratic and notorious novelists, Arno Schmidt (1914-1979) was both an eccentric literary innovator and provocative literary historian. Although his works make no concessions to the general reader, Schmidt has proved astonishingly popular, challenging the assumptions of many critics that he was a quixotic elitist devoid of a wider audience.
This volume is the only study in either English or German to chart the field of Schmidt criticism comprehensively since 1970. Focusing on the ways in which critics have attempted to `frame' their subject, and taking modern literary theory into account, the author provides a thematic outline of Schmidt criticism as well as critical analyses of the scholarship on selected works.


A long overdue overview of the research on Schmidt, written by one who was significant in setting standards for that research. GERMANISTIK

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