Fourteenth Century England VII

May 2012
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Fourteenth Century England
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Fourteenth Century England VII

Edited by W. Mark Ormrod

Fourteenth Century England has quickly established for itself a deserved reputation for its scope and scholarship and for admirably filling a gap in the publication of medieval studies. HISTORY
This collection represents the fruits of new research, by both established and young scholars, on the politics, society and culture of England and its dependencies in the fourteenth century. Drawing on a diverse range of documentary, literary and material evidence, the studies offer a range of methods, from micro-history and prosopography to the study of institutions, texts and events. The early fourteenth century provides a particular focus of interest, with studies contributing new reflections on the personnel of parliament, the household of Edward II, the politics of Edward III's minority, and reactions to the great famine of 1315-22 and the Black Death of 1348-9. The wars with Scotland and France give the opportunity for significant new assessments of international diplomacy, the role of the mariner in the logistics of war, English loyalties in Gascony and the pious practices of medieval knights. Richly textured with personal and local detail, these new studies provide numerous insights into the lives of great and small in this tumultuous period of medieval history.

W. Mark Ormrod is Professor of Medieval History at the University of York.

Contributors: Benoît Grévin, Alison K. McHardy, J.S. Hamilton, Guilhem Pépin, Eliza Hartrich, Phil Bradford, J.S. Bothwell, Craig Lambert, Andrew Ayton, Graham St John, Christopher Phillpotts

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Table of Contents

Writing Techniques in Thirteenth- and Fourteenth-Century England: The Role of the Sicilian and Papal Letter Collections as Practical Models for the Shaping of Royal Propaganda - Benoît Grévin
The Great Bardney Abbey Scandal, 1303-18 -
A Reassessment of the Loyalty of the Household Knights of Edward II - Jeffrey S Hamilton
Ramon Durand of Toulouse: A Lawyer Turned Knight in the Service of the Kings of England - Guilhem Pépin
Urban Identity and Political Rebellion: London and Henry of Lancaster's Revolt, 1328-9 - Eliza Hartrich
'The Obscure Lives of Obscure Men'? The Parliamentary Knights of the Shires in the Early Fourteenth Century - Phil Bradford
The Five Giants: Institutional Hierarchy and Social Provision in Later Medieval Leicestershire - J. S. Bothwell
The Mariner in Fourteenth-Century England - Craig Lambert and Andrew Ayton
Dying beyond the Seas: Testamentary Preparation for Campaigning during the Hundred Years War - Graham St. John
Richard II and the Monasteries of London - Christopher Phillpotts

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