Fourteenth Century England IX

June 2016
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Fourteenth Century England
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Fourteenth Century England IX

Edited by James Bothwell, Gwilym Dodd

Articles showcasing the fruits of the most recent scholarship in the field of fourteenth-century studies.
The wide-ranging studies collected here reflect the latest concerns of and trends in fourteenth-century research, including work on politics, the law, religion, and chronicle writing. The lively (and controversial) debate around the death of Edward II, and the brief but eventful career of John of Eltham, earl of Cornwall, receive detailed treatment, as does the theory and implementation of both the law of treason in England and high status execution in Ireland. There is an investigation of the often overlooked, yet ever present, lesser parish clergy of pre-Black Death England, along with the notable connections between Roman remains and craft guild piety in fourteenth-century York. There are also chapters shedding new light on fourteenth-century chronicles: one examines the St Albans chronicle through the prism of chivalric culture, another analyses the importance of the Chester Annals of 1385-8 in the writing culture of the Midlands. Introduced with this volume is a new section on "Notes and Documents"; re-examined here is an often-cited letter from the reign of Richard II and the problematic, yet crucial, issue of its authorship and dating.

James Bothwell is Lecturer in Later Medieval History at the University of Leicester; Gwilym Dodd is Associate Professor of Medieval History at the University of Nottingham

Contributors: Paul Dryburgh, Áine Foley, Christopher Guyol, Andy King, Jessica Knowles, E. Amanda McVitty, D.A.L. Morgan, Philip Morgan, David Robinson.

Table of Contents

The Death of Edward II Revisited - Andy King
Living in the Shadows: John of Eltham, Earl of Cornwall (1316-1336) - Paul Dryburgh
Careers of the Lesser Parochial Clergy Before the Black Death - David Robinson
Heritage and Symbolism: the Romans and Tanners in Fourteenth-Century York - Jessica Knowles
"Let Them Realize What God Can Do": Chivalry in the St Albans Chronicle - Christopher Guyol
Historical Writing in the North-West Midlands and the Chester Annals of 1385-8 - Philip Morgan
High-Status Execution in Fourteenth-Century Ireland - Áine Foley
Traitor to the Chose Publique: Negotiating Constitutional Conflict Through the Law of Treason 1399-1402 - E. Amanda McVitty
A Letter from Chatton: the Date and the Writer - David Morgan

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