Flint Flushwork

May 2008
16 colour, 75 black and white illustrations
199 pages
24.4x17.2 cm
ISBN: 9781843833697
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press

Flint Flushwork

A Medieval Masonry Art

Stephen Hart

A thorough survey of Flint Flushwork decoration, one of the finest artistic forms of the medieval craftsman.
Flint Flushwork is a wholly external decorative medium, where the skills of medieval craftsman blended with the iconography of the medieval church to create a unique new art form. It is an artistic achievement that is built into the very fabric of many hundreds of medieval churches. As such, many examples of Flushwork survive where more impermanent artworks have succumbed to the ravages of reformation and over-zealous restoration. Despite this, however, it has not attracted the same depth of research and analysis as other aspects of church architecture.

This book provides a wide perspective on the several different modes of Flushwork that have been identified. By elucidating, and putting within their architectural and spiritual context, the various strands of the art, it aims to encourage a greater understanding and wider appreciation of this relatively uncharted branch of church art.

Table of Contents

What is Flushwork?
Flushwork Themes
Themes with Affinity to Flushwork
The Architectural Setting
Kindred Features
Flushwork Gazetteer
Appendix A: Buildings with Flushwork
Appendix B: Churches with Flushwork
Appendix C: Shallow-sunk stone head panels
Appendix D: Norwich style Flushwork on Church Tower Parapets


Flint flushwork is one of the church features that many of us see but never really look at. No longer. In this beautifully illustrated book Stephen Hart shows us what we have been missing. [...] This book will greatly enhance your enjoyment of visiting churches. THE ROUND TOWER MAGAZINE

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