Fifteenth-Century Studies Vol. 29

Fifteenth-Century Studies Vol. 29

Edited by Edelgard E. DuBruck, Barbara I. Gusick


Camden House



New essays on topics from love and sexuality to physical handicaps, old age, good and bad fortune, women's virtues, art and literature, and the writing of manuscripts.
Fifteenth-Century Studies has appeared annually since 1977. It publishes essays on all aspects of life in the 15th century, including literature, drama, history, philosophy, art, music, religion, science, and ritual and custom. The editors strive to do justice to the most contested medieval century, a period that defies consensus on fundamental issues. In this volume the standard synopsis of research on 15th-c. theater is followed by essays on reflection/meditation on love and sexuality, physical handicaps, old age, betrayal, and false accusations. Contributors investigate good and bad fortune and human reactions to it, as well as women's virtues. Essays deal with poetry, prose, and drama, while others explore art, looking at illuminations, fresco, and tapestry from the vantage point of hagiography and romance. Finally, there is an essay on scribes, codices, and manuscripts from the perspective of New Philology. Contributors: E. DuBruck, C. Azuela, D.E. Booton, L.V. Gerulaitis, R. Hyatte, S. Jefferis, V. Minet-Mahy, C. Politis, M.J. Seaman, E. I. Wade.
Edelgard E. DuBruck is professor emerita in the Modern Languages Department at Marygrove College, and Barbara I. Gusick is professor emerita of English at Troy University-Dothan, Dothan, Alabama.

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March 2004
26 black and white illustrations
243 pages
9x6 in
Fifteenth-Century Studies
ISBN: 9781571132963
Format: Hardback
Camden House
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Table of Contents

The Current State of Research on Late-Medieval Drama: 200-2002. Survey, Bibliography, and Reviews - Edelgard E. DuBruck
Les Métaphores érotiques des Cent Nouvelles nouvelles: sexe et écriture - Cristina Azuela
Variation on a Limbourg Theme: Saint Anastasia at the Nativity in a Getty Book of Hours and in French Medieval Literature - Diane E. Boonton
Incunabula on Syphilis - Leonardas V. Gerulaitis
Happy Endings? Representations of Old Age in Fifteenth-Century French Poetry - Reginald Hyatte
Das Bildprogramm für Schondochs Novelle Die Königin von Frankreich und der ungetreue Marschall (c. 1400)(c. 1400) - Prof. Sibylle Jefferis
Lyrisme de plainte et lyrisme de joie dans trois grands mystères français due XVe siècle - Virginie Minet-Mahy
The Narratives of Jörg Wickram: Early Examples of Petrarch's Reception in Germany - Dr. Cordula Politis
The Waning of Middle English Chivalric Romance in The Squyr of Lowe Degre - Myra J. Seaman
Konrad Bollstatter's Scribal Practice as Commentary: Women and the Consequences of Virtue in the Texts of CGM 252 - Elizabeth Wade

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