Fifteenth-Century Studies 34

February 2009
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Fifteenth-Century Studies
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Fifteenth-Century Studies 34

Edited by Edelgard E. DuBruck, Barbara I. Gusick

New essays on a wide variety of topics from poetry to dress to violence to a recipe collection.
The fifteenth century defies consensus on fundamental issues; most scholars agree, however, that the period outgrew the Middle Ages, that it was a time of transition and a passage to modern times. Fifteenth-Century Studies offers essays on diverse aspects of the period, including liberal and fine arts, historiography, medicine, and religion. Following the customary opening article on the current state of fifteenth-century drama research, essays treat such topics as poetry as a source for illustrated German prose, the St. Edith picture cycle in Salisbury, the flourishing of French history; and Spanish schools of translators. Other essays treat poems from the Gruuthuse songbook; Louis XI and pilgrim's dress, Robert Henryson's Moral Fabilles, violence in English romances, Jews' presence through absence in Vicente Ferrer's Sermons, and Conrad Buitzruss's recipe collection in Manuscript Clm 671 (Munich). Book reviews conclude the volume.

Contributors: Edelgard E. DuBruck, James H. Brown, Mary Dockray-Miller, Jean Dufournet, Rocío del Río Fernández, Bas Jongenelen and Ben Parsons, Jennifer Lee, John Marlin, Ilan Mitchell-Smith, Daniel Salas-Días, Elizabeth I. Wade-Sirabian.

Edelgard E. DuBruck is Professor Emerita of French and Humanities at Marygrove College, Detroit, Michigan, and Barbara I. Gusick is Professor Emerita of English at Troy University, Dothan, Alabama.

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Table of Contents

The Current State of Research on Late-Medieval Drama, 2007-2008: Survey, Bibliography, and Reviews - Edelgard E. DuBruck
Poetry as Source for Illustrated Prose: The 1519 Strassburg Wigoleis vom Rade - James H. Brown
The St. Edith Cycle in The Salisbury Breviary (c.1460) - Mary F. Dockray-Miller
L'épanouissement de l'histoire au quinzième siècle en France - Jean Dufournet
Escuelas de traducción en la Edad Media - Rocio del Río Fernández
Ten Poems from the Gruuthuse Songbook (c.1462) - Bas Jongenelen and Ben Parsons
Louis XI, A French Monarch in Pilgrim's Garb: Badges - Jennifer Lee
Robert Henryson's Morall Fabilles: Irony, Allegory, and Humanism in Late-Medieval Fables - John Marlin
Defining Violence in Middle English Romances: Sir Gowther and Libeaus Desconus - Ilan Mitchell-Smith
Presencia y Ausencia de los Judíos en los Sermons de quaresma de Vicente Ferrer - Daniel Salas-Dias
"Als ich dich vor gelert haun": Conrad Buitzruss's Recipe Collection in Manuscript Clm 671 (Munich) - Elizabeth Wade-Sirabian

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