Feminist Linguistics in Literary Criticism

June 1994
175 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
Essays and Studies
ISBN: 9780859914116
Format: Hardback

Feminist Linguistics in Literary Criticism

Edited by Katie Wales

Essays employing close scrutiny of texts to clarify gender issues in feminist literary criticism.
One of the major problems in feminist literary criticism is the tendency to generalise when exploring language and gender. This volume clarifies the issues involved and tests generalisations by specific analysis, and in the process defines a "feminist stylistics" - a fresh, practical approach which will serve as a model for future work in this area.
The seven essays in the collection analyse widely varying literary texts, using the framework of linguistic theory to address feminist issues. The texts range from Shakespeare's As You Like It to present-day pop songs, and also cover poetry and contemporary fiction. The feminist critics whose approach is under examination include Cixous, Irigaray, Kristeva, Showalter, Woolf and a number of British feminists; and the linguistic models employed cover discourse analysis, politeness theory, lexicalisation and transitivity.

Contributors: Clara Calvo, Lesley Jeffries, Marion Lomax, Sara Mills, Louise Sylvester, Anne Varty, Shan Wareing

Table of Contents

Introduction: Feminist Linguistics in Literary Criticism - Katie Wales
In Defence of Celia: Discourse Analysis and Women's Discourse in As You Like It - Clara Calvo
Language in Common: Apposition in Contemporary Poetry by Women - Lesley Jeffries
Gendered Writing and the Writer's Stylistic Identity - Marion Lomax
And Then He Kissed Her: The Reclamation of Female Characters to Submissive Roles in Contemporary Fiction - Shan Wareing
Close Encounters of a Feminist Kind: Transitivity Analysis and Pop Lyrics - Sara Mills
From Queens to Convicts: Status, Sex and Language in Contemporary British Women's Drama - Anne Varty
Women, Men and Words: Lexical Choices in Two Fairy Tales of the 1920s - Louise Sylvester

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