Fact, Fiction, and Representation

Fact, Fiction, and Representation

Four Novels by Gilbert Sorrentino

Louis Mackey

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First ever full-length study of four works by Gilbert Sorrentino, the contemporary American novelist.
Gilbert Sorrentino is the most innovative and experimental writer now working in America. In a long and still continuing series of novels he has broken down the barriers of fictional realism in ways which undercut the traditional boundaries between fact and fiction, exposing the problematical character of representation. However, although his position in contemporary American fiction is assured, he has not yet received the serious critical attention his work deserves. This volume is the first full length treatment of his work in depth and detail; it examines four novels published by Sorrentino in the 1980s (Crystal Vision, Odd Number, Rose Theatre and Misterioso), aiming to identify the critical and philosophical problems raised in his work and assessing his achievements in dealing with them.


Perceptively, convincingly, he unlocks the intricacies of some of Gilbert Sorrentino's most innovative and most engaging fiction. AMERICAN BOOK REVIEW

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