Expressing Identities in the Basque Arena

November 2007
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224 pages
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World Anthropology
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James Currey

Expressing Identities in the Basque Arena

Jeremy MacClancy

Redresses the balance on the human and cultural aspects of the idea of being Basque in the modern world.
Everyday nationalism, the human and cultural aspects of identity, is a neglected subject in the literature on nationalism in Europe.
Jeremy MacClancy redresses the balance in this unusual and sharp book on the human and cultural aspects of the idea of being Basque in the modern world. The style is fresh and colloquial, dealing with several of the kinds of issues that usually appear in popular magazines - cuisine, football, art and graffiti - but the treatment is serious and illustrative of underlying currents in social life.
MacClancy argues that the ethnographic understanding of nationalisms, rather than the orthodox studies of ideology, political parties, social classes and centre-periphery clashes - offers a more nuanced comprehension of the lived reality of people in areas where nationalism is a significant force. This is very much nationalism from the bottom up.

JEREMY MACCLANCY is Professor of Social Anthropology at Oxford Brookes University

Series editors: Wendy James & Nick Allen

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Table of Contents

Of important general matters
At play with identity
Feeding nationalism
Political graffiti
Art museum


Stark ist [...] die profunde kulturhistorische Detailkenntnis des Autors über seinen Gegenstand. ANTHROPOS
MacClancy's work has done the discipline a service. Clearly, the book is written for fellow anthropologists but others will find the book helpful as well. For those wanting a new way of looking at the study of nationalism the book provides a roadmap to the areas of culture that can be studied through direct observation that otherwise would be lost. Specialists in all disciplines who study the Basques will also find the book of some value. STUDIES IN ETHNICITY AND NATIONALISM

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