European Studies in North American Literature and Culture

European Studies in North American Literature and Culture, in existence since 1996, is a Camden House series presenting European perspectives on the literature and culture of the United States and Canada (books in the series are mainly written by European scholars). Allowing for a broad cultural studies approach and including both single-authored and edited volumes, the series considers literary works in all genres. The scope of individual volumes ranges from focus on an individual author’s oeuvre (as in the “Works and Impact” format, to be continued for further authors) to books on particular thematic issues or even on the literary history of an entire nation. The envisioned audience of these reader-friendly and accessible books are literary scholars and students from the fields of American Studies, Canadian Studies, and Comparative Literature.

Proposals are welcomed by email or by post and should include a ca. 500-word abstract, a table of contents, and a brief author bio, including list of publications. Normally only projects that are complete or close to completion will be considered. For envisioned projects in the Works and Impact format, however, well-conceived proposals will be taken into account. Ideal manuscript length is about 80,000 words.

Series Editor

Prof. Dr. Reingard M. Nischik
Chair of American Literature Studies
Department of Literature
University of Konstanz
Box 166
78457 Konstanz
[email protected]

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