English: Shared Futures

November 2018
253 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
Essays and Studies
ISBN: 9781843845164
Format: Hardback
BIC D, 1DB, 2AB, 3JM
BISAC LIT007000, LIT006000, LAN020000

English: Shared Futures

Edited by Robert Eaglestone, Gail Marshall

Essays exploring the opportunities for and challenges to the discipline of English language and literature in education.
The study of English literature, language, culture and creative writing is an important and dynamic enterprise. English: Shared Futures celebrates the discipline's intellectual strength, diversity and creativity, explores its futures in the nations of the UK and across the world, and brings together the huge scholarly, cultural and social energy of the biggest subject in the Arts and Humanities in Higher and in Secondary education: the most staff, the most students. It represents the synergies produced when practitioners and students from across the discipline come together, and aims to enable new understanding of the challenges that the discipline faces within schools and universities, the vital cultural and political role that English plays, and a renewed appreciation of the intellectual vitality and commitment of its scholars and students. Overall, it demonstrates the rich ecosystem of a subject crucial to social, cultural, and economic well-being, and offers ways in which its vitality can be ensured in the face of new challenges within and beyond the academy.

Robert Eaglestone is Professor of Contemporary Literature and Thought, Royal Holloway, University of London; Gail Marshall is Head of the School of Literature and Languages at the University of Reading.

Contributors: James Annesley, Katherine Baxter, Barbara Bleiman, Elleke Boehmer, Kirsti Bohata, Benjamin A. Brabon, Linda Bree, Susan Bruce, Billy Clark, Stefan Collini, Jane Davis, Sarah Dillon, Clare Egan, Elizabeth English, Emily Ennis, Martin Paul Eve, Corinne Fowler, Bárbara Gallego Larrarte, Marcello Giovanelli, Diya Gupta, Rob Hawkes, Ann Hewings, Keith Jarrett, Clara Jones, Seraphima Kennedy, Ben Knights, Simon Kövesi, Clare A. Lees, Alison Lumsden, Andrea Macrae, Lewi Mondal, Paul Munden, Daniel O'Gorman, Lynda Prescott, Ilse A. Ras, Catherine Redford, Rick Rylance, Helen Saunders, Jenny Stevens, Marion Thain, Stephen Watkins, Harry Whitehead

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Table of Contents

The Changing Picture of School English - Barbara Bleiman
From A Level to HE: Working Towards a Shared Future? - Jenny Stevens
English Outreach: Academics in the Classroom - Catherine Redford
From Provider to Stager: The Future of Teaching English in HE - Benjamin A. Brabon
Pedagogic Criticism: an introduction - Ben Knights
Exquisite Tensions - Narrating the BAME ECA Experience - Keith Jarrett
Postgraduate Futures: Voices and Views - Clare Lees and Lewis Mondal and Helen Saunders and Emily Ennis and Susan Bruce
Shared Futures: Early Career Academics in English Studies - Clara Jones and Clare Egan and Elizabeth English and Ilse A. Ras and Stephen Watkins
Some Reflections on the Funding of English Departments - Rick Rylance
English: the Future of Publishing: 'Journal Publishing' - Katherine Baxter
English: the Future of Publishing: 'The Future of Open Access' - Martin Paul Eve
English: the Future of Publishing: 'Monograph Publishing' - Linda Bree
Digital Futures - Ann Hewings and Lynda Prescott
A View from the United States: the Crisis in the Humanities; the Liberal Arts; and English in the Military Academy - Marion Thain
The Future of Borders - Daniel O'Gorman
'Between and Across Languages': Writing in Scotland and Wales - Kirsti Bohata and Alison Lumsden
Exploring intersections between creative and critical writing: an interview with Elleke Boehmer - Elleke Boehmer and Diya Gupta and Bárbara Gallego Larrarte
Integrating English - Billy Clark and Marcello Giovanelli and Andrea Macrae
Employability in English Studies - James Annesley and Rob Hawkes
Creative Living: How creative writing courses help to prepare for life-long careers - Paul Munden
Practice at Large: How Creative Writing can Enhance University Research Environments - Corinne Fowler and Harry Whitehead
'And who can turn away?' Witnessing a shared dystopia - Seraphima Kennedy
English and the Public Good - Sarah Dillon
'Can Wisdom be put in a silver rod? / Or Love in a golden bowl?' On not defending the humanities - Simon Kovesi
'Something Real to Carry Home When Day Is Done': The Reader in Future - Jane Davis
Afterword - Stefan Collini

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