Emotion, Cognition, and Representation

August 1995
20 black and white illustrations
360 pages
22.8x15.2 in
Rochester Symposium on Developmental Psychology
ISBN: 9781878822499
Format: Hardback
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University of Rochester Press

Emotion, Cognition, and Representation

Rochester Symposium on Developmental Psychopathology VI

Edited by Dante Cicchetti, Sheree L. Toth

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Exploration of issues relating to emotional development in children and its influence on behaviour, both normal and abnormal.
During the past few decades, there has been an increased interest in investigating the emotions and their links with other domains of the human mind. Research on emotional development, both alone and in combination with other ontogenetic domains, has greatly added to our understanding of the nature of normal developmental processes. While the roles of emotion, cognition, and representation in the emergence, course, and sequelae of various risk conditions and psychopathological disorders have been extensively studied, until recently there has been very little work examining the interrelation of these domains from a developmental perspective.
In their chapters in this volume, prominent theoreticians and researchers examine a number of issues central to furthering our knowledge about the relations between emotional, cognitive, and representational processes in both normal and abnormal functioning. DANTE CICCHETTIis professor of psychology and psychiatry at the University of Rochester and director of the Mt Hope Family Center, Rochester. SHEREE L. TOTHis assistant professor of psychology at the University of Rochester and associate director of the Mt Hope Family Center, Rochester The contributors are: SIDNEY J. BLATT, PAUL L. HARRIS, SEBASTIANO SANTOSTEFANO, JILL M. HOOLEY, JOHN E. RICHTERS, R. PETER HOBSON, E. TORY HIGGINS, ISRAELA LOEB, MARLENE MORETTI, INGE BRETHERTON, ROSS A. THOMPSON, MARY FRAN FLOOD, LORI LUNQUIST, LYNN FAINSILBER KATZ, JOHN M. GOTTMAN, JUDE CASSIDY, PETER FONAGY, TOM LEIGH, ROGER KENNEDY, GRETTA MATTOON, HOWARD STEELE, MARY TARGET, MIRIAM STEELE, ANNA HIGGITT

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